5 EASY AC/DC Songs for Beginner Guitar

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AC/DC Tutorial links Below! http://goo.gl/QKbuHZ
1 – You Shook Me All Night Long: ►► 1:57
Main Riff 2:56
Chorus 8:44
Intro 12:16

2 – Highway To Hell tutorial: ►►https://youtu.be/plCcEEmTCb0

3 – TNT tutorial: ►►https://goo.gl/Rjlsuo

4 – Dirty Deeds tutorial: ►►https://goo.gl/MPxPFN

5 – Long Way To the Top tutorial: ►►https://youtu.be/V784F7QynHc

►BACK IN BLACK https://youtu.be/1PfOvXrODbA

►THUNDERSTRUCK https://youtu.be/JE6VpAoNPa0

►ROCK N ROLL TRAIN https://youtu.be/h1iOuaSIH98

►JAILBREAK https://youtu.be/h1iOuaSIH98

►LET THERE BE ROCK https://youtu.be/U46rHKKnJ8g

►SHOOT TO THRILL https://youtu.be/9ftnLZv5JCo

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  1. acct on my other phone

    EC AC DC RIFFS… I see what you did there

  2. From a scale of 1 to 10 how hard are those rifs

  3. Thank you Andi! I just ordered my first electric guitar and I’m pretty on fire to try this songs out. I play acoustic for one year now. Your videos are just perfect !! Cheers from Frankfurt, Germany.

  4. Thunderstruck honestly isn't that hard. I am very much a beginner and i can play it.

  5. tone set to 8

  6. Hello Andy how are you? I'm 50 years old and been trying to learn how to play the guitar almost my entire life… I must say that I have got more out of this video than anything in the past… Thanks so much.. an ACDC is my favorite band

  7. He kinda looks like Brian May with no long curly hair from Queen.

  8. Hey Andy, this is great! Do you also do. RIDE ON ? Peace brother

  9. what is difficult is playing those open chords so clean. that'a what makes them great.

  10. When pewdiepie fails YouTube and plays guitar to save his channel

  11. thank you so much for the lesson.

  12. Wouldn't call many of these easy. Applying all these syncopated strums while muting is sure as hell no beginner song. Lot of timing skills involved.

  13. Ellan-Rose Caulfield

    The ad before this video legit was an ad to demote guitar YouTube videos cuz they use "bad techniques "

  14. Jelmer Van der Veen

    Easy dc?

  15. You showed lile 8 songs to play but only fucking played one

  16. Shook Me All Night Long should be a C not a Cadd9

  17. A really really easy to play song is Big Balls … It's basically just wanking off your guitar lol

  18. Sweet dude , thanks.

  19. You mention that on your website (I assume the youtube one) you show how to get the amp to the right sound (I'm hoping effects settings), I unfortunately can't find that explanation anywhere, can you please provide a link to it?

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