5 Easy Guitar Riffs on 1 STRING! Guitar Tutorial Easy Riffs Lesson #1

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How to Play 5 Easy Guitar Riffs on 1 STRING! An easy guitar tutorial for beginner guitarists
Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zeppelin 2:09
New York City Cops by The Strokes 5:56
Satisfaction by The Rolling stones 7:24
My Generation by The Who 10:27
The Peter Gunn Theme 12:47

Also try Seven Nation Army!!! https://goo.gl/CjCdLY

In this lesson, I show you 5 easy well known riffs that are all played using only the thickest E string. As changing strings can be tricky in the early days, this is perfect for any beginner guitarist to get a few riffs under your belt!

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  1. Stephen Fairbanks

    After I saw the first riff I said yup, time to find I different video lol

  2. i found satisfaction a lot easier to play on second fret, i am also a very much a beginner, i think it's because my little finger bends towards the other, how do i stop it doing that?

  3. Ye this was deffo beginner

  4. Hey Matt Murray

  5. Thank you for your teaching

  6. I'm not that great, I pick stuff up fast but this too easy and boring.

  7. Sotiris SenpaiHentai

    thank you so much ! subbed

  8. Jonathan Charlton

    very helpful 10/10

  9. Randy Jr Carpenter

    it would be nice to now how to set the tune
    other than that good job

  10. boulevard of broken dreams is only 1 string but its on b string still extremely easy

  11. 7 Nation Army has no TAB to it on the site

  12. Tnx bro

  13. This help me

  14. thanks Rip Hunter

  15. great job

  16. Original Jokester

    aerials soad:

  17. what does that three way switch above the neck actually do?

  18. thank you so much you thought me to play my first two chords on the guitar when i was ten but I've been playing for only a year and i am already playing metallica thank you so much

  19. psycho muse

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