5 Essential Blues Licks from Minor Pentatonic Box 1 – Lesson 4 – Guitar Lesson Tutorial [BL-404 ]

5 Essential Blues Licks from Minor Pentatonic Box 1 - Lesson 4 - Guitar Lesson Tutorial [BL-404 ]

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Guitar Lesson: 5 Essential Blues Licks using Minor Pentatonic Box 1
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In this guitar lesson we’ll be looking at 5 really cool Blues Licks (words) using just notes from the Minor Pentatonic Scale (the alphabet). This is lesson 4 in my Essential Blues Lead Guitar Module.

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  1. strick =strike ( insert one blushing face )

  2. Thank you so much for your videos … I find your lessons easy to fallow, you strick me a as a humble and skilled player

  3. Justin is a great teacher. Very close ups and slow. Great.

  4. Can I use the pinkie for the 4# lick?

  5. I just needed the first 40 secs of the video

  6. my ernie ball m-steel high output strings sound great in these bends , "i just upgraded from the cobalts" – and today i foreseen the future , and pondered just how long it would take me to chunk the cash out for ernie ball paridigm strings….the un breakable strings… cause if one of these m-steels ever snap it'll be scary…frapnal evry wherez

  7. jesus christ i never realized just how much i suck at bending until i tried to play that first lick

  8. once again, great lesson! thanks

  9. Bianca Fights the zombies

    What kind of music sounds good on guitars with very heavy strings?

  10. This what i was looking for right there! Thank you Jesus

  11. hi Justin could you do a lesson on claptons spiral

  12. Snapped my high e string on the very first lick. FML

  13. Let me know what you think of this

  14. 7:35 down KILL up…. down KILL up…. muting would be different no?

  15. These are that good, that you can find them even in Tony Iommi's solos 😀

  16. How can I mute while i'm bending, is dificult?

  17. Is that a telecaster?

  18. in the 4th lick what do you mean by flicking off of the finger?

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