5 Steps to Getting Started With A 5 String Bass Guitar

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5 Steps To 5 Strings

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In this lesson, James of eBassGuitar talks about 5 steps to 5 string bass guitars. You’ll learn some effective tips on how to make switching to a 5 string bass a whole lot easier to do.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head! Good info. I have played a 4 string for 30 years and transitioned to a 5 string. Rehearsed 1 time with it then played it at church and found my self all over the map a couple times instinctively going to the B when I was intending to play a fretted note on the E. Good advice on not rushing it. Will play it for a few weeks using the B as a thumb rest. Many thanks!

  2. This was the MOST informative bass video I've seen on 5 strings!! Thanks!!

  3. I play 4 and 5 string basses. I feel at home on 5 string with 18mm string spacing on 34" scale and active electronics with 3 band EQ.

  4. Floating

  5. Hi use footing theme on 4 string bass

  6. Anybody ever put the bottom 4 strings from 5 string bass on 4 string bass guitar

  7. can not hear the bass.

  8. I picked up a five string more on impulse I wanted to play some korn. Should of thought a bit more still in the return period. As far as I'm aware I can still.do the sane stuff as a 4 string. I mostly play guitar.

  9. Just found your site and really like what you have to say as far as advice. You answered all of my concerns about my desire to play the 5 string. Thanks again. I will definitely join your facebook group.

  10. Is it just me or does this paticular bass rattle on the E and B string? (5:47 – )

  11. Just picked up a five string a week or so ago. Sounds great love the low-end. Many of your points I have already begun to adapt prior to this video. However, many other points were brought to light; and are invaluable! Thank you for your insight.

  12. Thanks for this James, speaking as a long time 5 string player your points are valid for someone thinking of adding a 5 stringer to their arsenal. I found it was easier to control the muting on the 5'er particularly in open string keys, I just played them up the neck and a string across. The floating thumb technique is also something that has found its way into my playing recently, not for any particular muting reason, just because as you say, it's more comfortable. I made a conscious decision when I decided to buy a five string to look for the slimmest neck and have ended up with an Ibanez SR705 which has the 16mm string spacing. The plus is it's very ergonomic to play and you virtually get 5 strings in a neck the size of a P bass 4 string.

  13. I had just been giving a little thought about going with a 5-string. This was super helpful to think through all the angles of this decision. As always, I appreciate how thorough you are in what you cover!

  14. Good points about the extra muting you have to do! Been using a 5 for just over 20 years now – made the move as the 4 doesn't cover the keyboard bass range efficiently (imo). I use Adam Nitti's "moveable anchor" technique, but the guy for "floating thumb" is Todd Johnson. I think he has a technique book that covers it.

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