5 String Bass For Beginners

In this lesson I’m going to give you a few tips on moving over from 4 to 5 string bass. I cover some of the common problems and then some ways to make things much easier.

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  1. Stupid thick fingures

  2. Looking for that bass review

  3. Just think of the B string as a thumb rest, that's what I mostly use it for!

  4. Hi Mark, did you ever do your review of the VM 5? Still planning on doing one? Thanks, love the videos!

  5. Cant hear the bass you need to pluck harder and turn up the amp too

  6. im fuckin starting on a 5 string like i never played bass and my first is a 5th is that ganna make it harder or easyer?

  7. very helpfull finally i found good lessons to get started on my new 5

  8. Thanks alot Mark! Just got my 5-string yesterday. Enjoyed Your Valuable Knowledge. Peace

  9. Forget about the 4-strng, start directly with the 6-string. After a year or two or three, depending on the music you play, you may decide to go down to the 5-string or even to the 4-string. Going down is easy, going up is very difficult.

  10. merci beaucoup

  11. I've had a Squier Jazz 5 for just under two years, now my favourite bass, they are a tad heavy at the head stock, might tend to dip a little, but overall money for value the best bass about.

  12. About time now play with some cute ladys and perfect.

  13. I made the jump from 4 to 6:P

  14. I've been playing 5 string bass for quite some time, and I still haven't mastered muting all the unnecessary sounds from other strings. I thought it was only me, but since you've said it, it seems to be a common problem with 5 string basses. Never heard of this thumb muting technique, gonna try it, thanks A LOT!

  15. by the way. please try the bass he is using before buying. I've had this bass guitar before and hated it. I know its something I could've gotten to get better at, but it's heavy so you'll need a thick strap if you ever wanted to practice for a long period and one of the most annoying features of this bass guitar is that the G string runs nearly off the fret so you constantly need to be aware if you are slightly pulling down on the fret because it will sure as fuck fly off the frets, I know I could've practiced pushing up a tad, but it just didn't feel right. Guitar center sells this bass for around 370 in my area and you can find a way better deal honestly. This bass is really nice for slapping by the way.

  16. 666th viewer.

  17. About 6 months ago I started playing 6-string bass after 20 years as a guitarist, and my bass`s low B and high C were confusing me at the beginning – like you mentioned with 4-sting bassists confusing the 5`s low B for the 4`s low E. My brain kept telling me that my 6-string bass`s low B was the E string of my guitar. I bought some DR Strings `Black Beauty` low-B (and high-C) strings, and it really helped: my brain started to see the orignial silver E-A-D-G strings as the familiar intervals, with the black high C and low B standing out, to remind my brain to adjust accordingly. I`ve since purchased the remaining 4 Black Beauties because after a few months I had the intervals down, no problem.

  18. I'm so glad you talked about the B string being a fantastic thumbrest and using the low lows sparingly. Playing chord inversions on the low B is a great way to spice up the groove, for instance.

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