5 Tips For Building Guitar Speed – Guitar Lesson

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In this guitar lesson, we’ll cover 5 tips for building speed on the guitar. As we move through this lesson, there are three things I’d really like you to focus on. The first thing is to relax. You don’t want any extra tension that can potentially lead to bad habits or injuries. Number two is to always focus on accuracy. And number three is to be really consistent with your practice.

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  1. Playing guitar is just like working out. All you need is Patience and Consistency. Even 30 minutes a day can turn you into a master shredder over time.

  2. Does anyone feel any tension in the arm when doing trills?

  3. Tell me how can i thank you dude .. Really a greaaaat help from you, thanks

  4. hi nate I'm 68yrs young and have started to play the acoustic guitar as a hobby, I find your videos the most easy to understand, thanks a million.
    regards ian.b

  5. does the volume of ur amp matter during these constant hammer ons ??

  6. The truth is that you really do have to play for a long time. It's really hard. If it wasn't, everyone would be doing it. And even then, some people just aren't built to play fast. It's not unlike sports. Some are sprinters, some aren't.

  7. sir how to get your metronome

  8. hi is it possible to learn guitar without a trainer and just by watching vids and practising?

  9. wow!! how much time it took you to reach at that level…its really fabulous.

  10. Hey Nate!
    I have just started guitar. And i am a very new been barely playing a week. And i have been just learning basic chords. So i learned g,c, and d just to start with and get my fingers moving. But im really struggling to just move my fingers from chord to chord. So every time i go to switch chords i have to take a look and move my fingers and im very slow at doing so. If you could give some advice it would be very appreciated. And good video have watched multiple videos. You have helped me to start reading tabs and sheet music. Thanks!

  11. Hi!
    Thanks for all advices.
    May i have a question? I'm transferring from classic guitar to electric and i'm not used to use pick. The most confortable position to hold it is (for me) to fold my right hand into something like half-closed fist and hold pick between my thumb and pointing finger but with using strength of 2-3 fingers (basically all except pinkie [pinky? The smallest one]). Is it correct? In your video about holding pick you sounded like "its more important to being confortable than to find "one and correct" way to hold it". For me at least :/. I wanted to get some ease with picking during summer but i dont want to get bad habits or something. I have quite small hands if it matters.
    Greetings from Poland!
    (sorry if i made some mistakes – i'm still learning your language :))

  12. Hi Nate.. thanks a lot for your awesome tips:-)

  13. Hi,thanks for the tips,the way i try to improve with my guitar is jamming to jam tracks or learn songs with licks and solos,i try to avoid mindless scale runs and i think that really helps me,however i play electric guitar with fingers so i dont really know how fast would i be without a pick but hey i enjoy it 😉 Cheers from Bulgaria !

  14. Some great advice, can't wait to start applying it. Thanks!

  15. Second comment

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