5 tips that will make you a better bass player

5 tips that will make you a better bass player

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0:26 – tip #1.
1:43 – tip #2.
3:19 – tip #3.
4:51 – tip #4.
6:33 – tip #5.

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  1. Note from Yonit:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching the video 🙂 Just wanted to make a few clarifications!

    * This video is for beginner / intermediate bass players

    * Obviously, there’s exception to all my tips (which are not rules!) but these tips should help you when playing with your band. Of course you can play open strings if you can mute them (which is a difficult technique to master if you’re a beginner), of course you can play fills that are well practiced, on time, from the bottom to the very top of your neck and so on.

    * Always play the root – in the beginning of the bar – you can obviously play any chord tone / mode tone you want after. But not straight at the top. We establish the root and then venture out. Of course you can play inversions but that changes the chord, and you probably should make that decision with your band-members.

    * I may have said ‘never’ and ‘always’ but this is really me just trying to make a point, don’t take it too literally fellas

    * This can be applied in many genres, but mostly for mainstream genres such as pop, folk, rock, funk etc. Yes, if you’re playing a progressive-jazz-fusion-hardcore-metal song this might not be the video for you.

    * Here’s a 6 tip for the brave ones who read all of this – make music to be happier and have fun with other human beings. That’s the point of everything, including this video 😉

    Peace, love and many low frequencies,


  2. Hopefully these teeps help you

  3. More like tips to be an average bassist or a stereotypical bassist,,!!

  4. Traveling Outdoorsman

    Open strings is a good tip, you can use it though. an open E is used many times. and putting licks into your riffs is a good tip, again… not neccesarily. i use it often as long as its simple and if you use it at the right moments. for example when i play 8 notes. i do 3/4 licks. as long you do these licks in the right scale

  5. Bullshit i just rock the song

  6. Poor Peter Hook got embarrassed

  7. Nothing wrong with open strings, you can always mute. Fills need to be tasteful and good, in the example they were fumbled and off… everything…third example is just a matter of taste, tons of examples of busier bass lines in popular songs, everything RHCP for example, tip four is just ridiculous, aim low kids, don't contribute in any way to the song. Of course start small and as you progress you can branch out, but I'd say please do experiment, it's how you grow. five again is either a matter of taste or making sure your equipment is actually working.

  8. Some of these tips were good but others were trash… I'm sorry but it's true.

  9. Is there a song that has a similar bass rift at 2:56? I love that interval.. can someone recommend a song like that?

  10. I thought it sounded sick

  11. Open strings? did you say?????. that's the most important thing . why restriction. Then the open should be removed from your bass.

  12. Getting information on improving your bass playing is next to impossible when youre a metal bassist… Im gonna master my instrument and come back and help everyone like me.

    Good video regardless guys.

  13. She is passing along tips as a working bass player. People can take it or leave it. In lots of situations the band leader may want simple bass lines. Lets face it this is the real world and at times we need to service the song. Listen to whats on the radio. 99 percent of the time in a pop music context the bass is simple. If you folks are looking to play more complex forms then look to play jazz or fusion or start your own band. I love to play more busy too but sometimes you cant. there are however things you can do towards the end of some songs where you can replace the root or play high up on the neck in a pop context but you use these skills sparingly to lift up the song. bass playing is a deceptive seemingly simple art thats not easy. maybe if this was a male instructor people would not react this way. The guys on here talking about modes and theory and solos are great too. But lets face it, people dont hire bassist for solo abiility nor care. unlike guitar players we have to earn the respect of the other players first and do our basic job first.

  14. the solo version “don’t play at the gig” sounds sick and that’s how I aspire to playyyyy

  15. Very Nice Job …… one question, what type of bass are you playing ??? It kinda looks like a cross between a Jaguar and Jazz bass …….. sounds great !!!

  16. This “tips” are shit

  17. I don't start playing bass with the root note, And then I change even more. Guess I am a hopeless example of a stubborn self- taught.The unexpected note on the verge of harmony gives more anxiety and that's what our band is about.

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