5 Top Tips For Buying Your First Bass Guitar | Beginner Bass Lesson

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There are many things to think about when buying your first instrument. Get the top 5 tips and things to things about when buying your first bass guitar fro Bside and make sure you find the right instrument!

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  1. What bass is the one in the video? It looks amazing, might want to pick one up for myself.

  2. Kilvund Productions

    thanks a lot for these tips these can help me so much, i never thought of the cuts you can get, the weight etc. i really needed this 😉

  3. thanks for the tips!

  4. Should i play with a pick or fingers

  5. One of the best bass tips videos on youtube! I will have your tips in mind while searching for a bass

  6. thanks man this really helped

  7. It's hard to hear advice from a man who is holding a MUSIC MAN bass with a FENDER strap! HAHA

  8. that music man is beautiful!

  9. Short scale versus full scale

  10. What about the number of strings?

  11. planning to buy my first bass plzz tell me Active or passive?? plzzz..

  12. First fan.

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