50 Bass Grooves – #17 Funk Off – Bass Guitar Lesson – David Santos

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  1. Ta-deka-deka-deka-deka-deka-ba dum bump…..

  2. Valeu David!!( thanks)

  3. Gustavo Oliveira

    great groove David! Rocking the house, congrats!

  4. Ray Martini Music


  5. Fuck me, this is some proper insight. Brilliant, thanks and cheers, Sir!

  6. -Hey.
    -Funk Off.

  7. Nickolas Pickard

    i was jammin along with this got it pretty quickly, not saying it was easy or that im a pro, cuz im not. but this guy is really a great teacher, i enjoy all his videos

  8. thats half position not first :)

  9. David is great.. loved the way he played with Billy Joel

  10. Yeah the bass sounds great, i changed my think about stingray's 🙂

  11. Jeffrey Raimondo

    Beautiful, fat tone on that bass.

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