50 Bass Grooves – #2 Upbeat Funk – Bass Guitar Lesson – David Santos

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  1. Great videos but the commercials are ANNOYING!!!

  2. Now this is what I call good instruction. "There is good technique and poor technique and both are really cool…"

  3. it would be nice is there was a tab tho

  4. KingOfNoobsGaming

    Where's that other guy :o

  5. Sweet groove and good lesson. Thanks a lot. It's very similar to the bass in Streetbeater, which I've always loved.

  6. this lesson would b really helpful if u could actually HEAR the bass in the mix. All i can hear is the rhythm guitar…Damn…

  7. Alberto Rincon


  8. Bad is good hahaha……

  9. nice little groove/lesson

  10. Cool Lesson, and love the MusicMan Bass with Matching HeadStock !!

  11. NIce ! I agree with the "play imperfectly" thing. When you see and hear a guy like Duck Dunn you understand why he says that. It can bring a vibe and thump that are gorgeous.

  12. Violet Deliriums

    i am more of a guitarist than bassist, but i think its fun to try to find a niche between the drummer, bassist, and if there is one a keyboardist when you are playing rhythm guitar…the way to do it, i think is to turn your guitar into a pitched percussion instrument…its also fun as a guitarist to play a riff with the bass…i can solo, but i actually prefer playing rhythm guitar because it feels better to groove.

  13. Violet Deliriums

    i like that you are not dogmatic about technique…in my world, here is what good technique must do in order of priority: (1) it must not injure the body or damage equipment in an undesirable way — i mean hendrix lighting his guitar on fire was awesome technique; (2) it must give you the sound that you are imagining so that you can express what you are trying to; (3) it allows you to replicate that sound with as minimum practice as possible

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