50 Melodic Rock Licks – #12 Alright Arps – Guitar Lesson – Neil Zaza

FULL COURSE w/ TAB & JAMS: http://tfir.es/1KFASVw
NEIL ZAZA: http://www.neilzaza.com/
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  1. This was on rock tour

  2. Fantastic Job mate I can't wait until I get my new trade in guitar from Guitar Center (Ibanez GRX70QA Black Transparent) so I can go back to playing and use this Lovely Lick!

  3. Dariusz Olszewski

    Great Lesson!! Thanks.

  4. backing track?

  5. These are the type of licks I wish more people would share. It's not about speed (although you can speed it up or add things in) its more about color, and how to play threw chords. But more so it about color and emotion, and you can use these licks way more usefully then just outlined sweeping or runs. That stuff you can just get a scale/modes book and figure out your own runs. But to learn a melodic run to me is so much more useful.

  6. Truefire,
    Neil is superb!!

  7. its amazing but the color of the fretboard doesnt help at all 🙁

  8. Alfred Potter Guitar

    YES. gona buy this. just you wait til i get paid

  9. The lick is from the intro of I'm Alright – Neil Zaza, go google for the tab 😀

  10. Sounds awesome…I would need TAB and a reeeeally slow demonstration in order to have any chance at being able to learn these licks, though. Heck, everybody's a beginner at one point, right?

  11. I'm glad you share my viewpoint

  12. well said, always always start slow, I have to constantly tell my students to "S_L_O_W D_O_W_N" and to start slower than you think you should, their enthusiasm always wants them to nail it at perfect tempo from the start and that's just not realistic as the reason as you explain so well..

  13. Si te refieres al cuarto acorde es E (Mi) / G# (Con bajo en Sol sostenido)

  14. I think it's more about Steve Morse…. but anyway… it sounds great!!

  15. Neil Zaza, Joe, Allan Holdsworth , Guthrie, Quayle My Hero

  16. La 4ta Nota que usa Como se llama?

  17. And that'll be even more true especially if you haven't been practicing a lot everyday. I say practice more, a lot more, slow down and become comfortable with the song, then speed up slowly. And don't forget: it'll be easier to do all of this if you actually memorize the song. Give it another year or two, I'm sure you'll be a lot better.

  18. The thing is, you may think you are playing it slow enough and have played the technique enough to the point where you want to speed it up and sound great. But the truth is, unless you can play the part perfectly in slower tempo, and you have memorized it, you cannot proceed and hope to get better. You must feel comfortable and natural at the slow tempo first, and precise obviously. And to be honest, two years of playing isn't quite long of a time for you to sound remotely close to Neil.

  19. Very john petrucci

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