600 African Bass Guitar Tutorial Grooves An Octave approach to Afro jazz grooves part 1

This video introduces the interval approach on the the bass guitar. This particular interval approach is called the octave formation. This is by far one of the earliest common approach on the bass guitar from South Africa and was quickly adopted by those countries that are in the neighbourhood. Octaves can be funny to play on the guitar and can form the whole groove of a song. As one of the most celebrated types of music in Africa some more grooves in this genre will be brought to you by this channel. Thanks to the South African Groovers. Other types of approaches will be shown as well on this channel as we explore African countries to check out their traditional grooves.
we will start with countries that are in the south and move upwards towards west Africa and all the islands in the vicinity.

Settle back and watch this musical expedition across the African nations.

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  1. Peter Lumley-Savile

    Hello!  I was wondering whether you might be interested in giving african bass lessons by Skype?

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