7 new basses just arrived… and I’m giving them away

7 new basses just arrived... and I'm giving them away

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So today was a GOOD day… in fact scrap that – it was a GREAT day! 🙂

6 basses arrived in the post. WIN!

Even better than that (for you!) I’m going to be giving these basses away.

All you need to do to get in on this awesome giveaway is watch the video below and follow the simple instructions.

Don’t be fooled though… this isn’t just “giveaway” video.

I’m going to show you what I believe are some of best basses you can ever possibly buy within this price point.

– The build quality is flawless
– They sound KILLER!
– They’re a professional level instrument through and through
– And… they don’t cost anywhere near what you’d expect – especially given the build quality and hardware.

You’re going to get to hear all the basses side by side… and then you can choose which one YOU want!

Ready? Let’s do this!

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂


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  1. Stealthtakedown 12

    #sirebass I want the white and red one. I love the sound on the sunburst bass

  2. #sirebass Hey scott, i was wanting to get the Tobacco Sunburst PJ Bass because im only 12 and i cant pay for good basses and i wanna get into to good bass playing the Tobacco Sunburst PJ Bass looks very nice and sounds very good, thanks – Luke

  3. Geisi S.Santos

    #sirebass 1. I liked the black one the most.
    2. But the sound I liked the most was the "matte" one

    I deserve to win one of those because I am a girl who dreams to take her bass to the next level with Scott's classes and a great instrument that is waaay more difficult to buy in Brazil.

    Thanks for the oportunity Scott!

  4. #sirebass Hello Scott, I remember clicking on one of your videos a time ago. I sorta found funny the image of a bass player with gloves on. Well , I am a music nerd/lover , everything that involves music intrests me. If I am able to write this message to you is because I learned english by listening to songs in english. I was born and raise between great music influences. My grandpa introduced my Dad into the greatests brazilian music (Samba , Bossa Nova , Brazilian Soul Music, MPB , Baião)  and My Dad passed those influences to me. My dream is to one day become a multi-instrumentist. But the journey to this dream  it's hard , especialy for a 17 years old brazilian guy like me. I grew up in the smaller state of Brazil, Sergipe. Unfortunatly , today my country passes by a Economical and Political crises. And the consequences of those crises. And the consequences of these crises particularly affect civilians like me. For this reason it is really very difficult to acquire musical instruments, especially imported ones. The Brazilian currency is very devalued and even basic equipment like pedals, strings and cables, become a great investment. But the passion for music is greater, and so a year ago I set up a band. We are three members to the whole. Throughout this year of band we still can not raise money to buy a bass. So it would be great if I got one of your basses. I particularly liked the sound of Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST, I loved it in White (Antique White). But anyone of this amazing basses would be great to have. Thank you for taking the time to make video for us bass lovers. Still working at my english, I hope you understand me. See you !

  5. #sirebass Hi Scott i'm a young french beginner and i learn bass on an old 150€ ibanez
    I hope I could win the PJ bass It just look amazing and the sound is very very very more precise than my actual cheap bass
    I hope u read this comments
    Amazing videos !

  6. Eric Niyonzima

    #sirebass the black 4 string looked good, the 4string one you played at the beginning sounded good. I want to play bass

  7. #sirebass Nice Basses all of them, but for me the PJ would be the dream. My drummer is pushing me to get a bass with more bottom than my Squire Jazz….

  8. Rusbicel Lazaro

    #Sirebass Heya Scott, without a doubt the 5 string is definitely the best looking bass out of the seven although the black V7 vintage sound the best to me. I recently just graduated from secondary school and I'm going to university to study music theory and having the opportunity to win one of these basses would be a great motivator as I only have two years of playing my 'Toby by Tobias' bass under my belt though got way more to go 🙂

  9. Michael Carpenter

    #sirebass Hi. Scott, thanks for the chance! The PJ bass suits me best, although I would proudly play any one of these instruments. I'm sure they are more capable than the Mexican Fenders I have been playing. Love your videos!

  10. #sirebass Hello Scoot, i'm really interest with sound of the Sire M7. With many characters of the sound, i'm really love M7 in the first look and hear. I hope can win the one of the best bass in the world.

  11. #sirebass No question, it's the natural finish fretless. Looks stunning and sounds just like you'd want it to. I had my eye on it from the moment you unboxed it. My ear for tone isn't that well developed, but a fretless has a unique voice that I'm slowly falling in love with. My bass is a P-style fretted, so a J fretless would make a perfect buddy for it.

  12. reggie aguinaldo

    sir scott I always wanted to have my own bass.. because ever since I learn those slapping you thought from youtube I just borrow bass guitars from my friends. its hard to learn when you cant afford you own bass so maybe you can help me 🙁

  13. #sirebass
    Dear Scott,
    Love the look and sound of the v7 vintage but I would take any of them in a heartbeat. I've been planning on getting back into bass for a while and I've decided this is the summer to do it. Not having to empty the bank to buy a new one would be a godsend. Either way this is a really cool opportunity you're giving people like me. -Ryan

  14. #sirebass I would like a bass because I'm kind of starting to to relearn playing the bass I got into it for a little while then I'm getting back in to it I'm really getting into it this time so having this great new base would really help me a lot in this and I would like the the ould base if I win this thanks for reading this if you are reading it or you clicking it randomly doesn't really matter to me I just hope you keep on teaching

  15. #sirebass Although the PJ Bass looked Stunning, I prefered the sound from the V7 Vintage.

  16. #sirebass all the 7 bass guitars are fabulous. I love to watch ua video and learn bass guitar but I will have to borrow it from my friend everytime I want it to play,,,so I want a guitar of my own. hope I win one out of seven

  17. Esther Clare Loh

    #sirebass Hi Scott!
    I'm Esther from Malaysia.
    I'm just a beginner & I would really want a bass!
    I started to play the bass in my school band concert last year and immediately I fell in love with it!
    After that I keep finding ways to practice the bass by walking miles to borrow it from the school or friends. It's tiring, but for the love of music, it's definitely worth it! (my family has financial problems…and I'm a fulltime student).
    I really want a bass from you, Any of the bass is fine for me 😀
    I aspire to be one of the top female bassist in Malaysia or in the world one day! Please help to fulfill my dreams! Thank you!

  18. christopher tran

    #sirebass I have never won anything from an internet contest/sweepstakes so I figured why not try? That fretless V7 is a sexy monster 🙂

  19. #sirebass P-bass sounds right in the bullseye of my sound preference. Nice warm and kicky tone and the jazzstyle neck is awsome combination. Maybe #Jesus incarnated again and now has gone into his biological fathers steps – he is a carpenter and creates Hi-End basses for good people?
    As an aspiring bass guitarist i practice on my entry level bass and pray the mighty lord of Bassgod for his blessing via Scott's bass lessons!

  20. #sirebass
    Hi Scott! I loved the sound of the first V7 (the white one) the best out of all of them. But the one I liked the look of the most and would want is the M7 (the one with the humbuckers). You should be me the bass because I will send you a video of my wife's reaction when she sees that I got ANOTHER bass.

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