7 Years Lukas Graham Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Guitar

Hey guys thank you for checking out this lesson. I really like this song and I hope you will find it helpful. Please remember you can keep up with all the tutorials by subscribing to the YouTube channel.

Let me give you couple of useful link.

7 years – Lukas Graham http://www.blitzguitar.com/7-years-lukas-graham-acoustic-guitar-lesson-in-fingerstyle-chord-melody-intro/

Free Ebook with 125 Fingerstyle Exercises http://www.blitzguitar.com/fingerstyle-engine-killing-exercises-for-fingerstyle-guitar-free-ebook/


  1. good to the we see home …..


  2. Karla Ciene Rioveros

    is this standard tuning?

  3. Giulia Militello

    Thank you for this tutorial! It's is simple but sounds incredibly beautiful! Bravo :)

  4. Johnny Kirchens

    Dude I love it because it's not this easy chord strumming. You deserve definitely more and keep going man (Y)

  5. Thanks again for your precious support

  6. I really needed this!!! Thanks man!!

  7. Cool work Marco!

  8. Please keep putting out tutorials like these! I love learning from you

  9. anjula epasinghe

    Damn man….you are great

  10. Francisco Costa

    Amazing dude

  11. psy GangmanStyle

    Make a more advanced one! I learn really quick from you:) learned Some Nice songs!
    Look for ben howard conrad (there is a cover of it he plays it with a capo, mamby a idea to teach it us)?

  12. Fantastic!

  13. great work. keep them coming

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