80's Rock – Ratt – Round and Round – Rock Electric Guitar Lessons

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  1. at least you have got better at teaching. This was PAINFUL to watch!

  2. joe mike sherrick

    hey thank you for the ebook… i find it quite useful..

  3. Alessandro Vieira

    And Seriously this? Seriously are you giving a guitar lesson toando horribly like that?

  4. That's not the lick Martin.

  5. hahahaha
    do you get paid for this?

  6. Tuning down is a major hassle if you have a full floating Floyd. I gotta get a guitar without a floating tremolo. All my guitars have Floyds. Great systems, stay in tune great, but a major pain in the ass when tuning.

  7. What about the verse riff? Thats the best part


  9. great video, really made this song easy to learn, thnx sooo much!!!!! left a like and subbed!!

  10. Can you do a cover/lesson for "It doesn't matter". One of my favorites and not really popular…Or breakout.

  11. Thx man for posting this hard to find good ratt covers.
    plz upload the cover of never use love by Ratt=]

  12. I wish you would've done the entire song, not just the intro.

  13. Except it came about 3 years earlier

  14. Great lesson, man!

  15. intro sounds like nightrain from Guns n Roses

  16. needs to push the gain some more.

  17. @becauseiey I never said he wasn't palm muting, I said that he should maybe learn how to do it, as in properly, before he posts a video teaching ppl how to play it. Pay attention next time, ok?

  18. @impressioned Did you some how not here him palm muting? Cuz he was and I don't know how you could've possibly missed it.

  19. SouthernPrinceKenny

    Marty, You're the very best easy to follow guitar instructor ever in the history of mankind. I've been playing since'79 and I feel that I must have been asleep all those years because I've learned 4 songs within 15 minutes from your videos. Thank God for pointing man in the direction of inventing the internet. I plan to learn all 644 of your videos so I can make up for all those years wasting time playing the same 50 or so old 70's and 80's songs I've mastered over the years. You're the Greatest

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