A Perfect Circle – 3 Libras – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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A free online youtube guitar cover lesson tutorial on how to play teach learn 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle on acoustic guitar by Ryan Puskarich http://www.rpguitarist.com/

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  1. Ugh! Way out of tune!

  2. It's very possible it's just a symptom of the slack I your strings from tuning to C# but your G(or E in this tuning) sounds like you've got a high spot on a fret somewhere down the neck. A lot of people commented on the guitar being out of tune but it was the sitar-like buzz on the G that was throwing me off. Also, as a side note, try plucking over the fretboard closer to the respective harmonic nodes for whatever notes you're fretting to get an even warmer, more bell or harp-like tone on this.

  3. Thanks for teaching but please tune your guitar man, that was horrible

  4. Those power chords got me so confused. With my guitar tuned to standard tuning (because I don't know how to tune to other tunings) it sounds so weird compared to what you play in the video. Help?
    Thank you for the video it helped me to learn most of the song (except for the power chords)
    And yes I'm a biginner, first song to learn

  5. Spot on bud, thanks. The tuning being off is minor, no pun intended. Thanks again.

  6. terrible tunning !

  7. Jeremiah Billiter

    lol out of tune much? clang clang clang

  8. I just don't understand how you listened to this and didn't hear how out of tune it was…

  9. this is undoubtedly a dumb question but where exactly do i put my fingers for the power chords and are some muted? i looked up power chords online but only got me more confused because there are so many and im all new to this

  10. Please help I'm not sure what to play on the very last part of the song where it picks up again and the lyrics say "you don't see me"

  11. Connor Schrauben

    How come the bridge sounds so evil?

  12. i dont get the last part can u help me =D

  13. Your guitar is out of tune how has anyone not pointed this out hahaha

  14. What mic did you use to record this? I suggest stop using it whatever it was. I'm not trying to be rude, or troll or anything. Its just really Tiny sounding, and its totally not you or the guitar. If you used the guitar plug, I wouldn't be surprised of this is the 214ce it has a terrible pickup. But i feel like you used a smart phone or standard camera mic.

  15. at the beginning when you end on the 8th fret, you should try throwing in the 7th fret on the D string…

  16. I just play it on standard running beginning with an Am and then go up from there. I've been playing it wrong for so long that it sounds wrong any other way I play it.

  17. I'm defenetly made for listening to music no to play it. Everytime I grab a guitare it rapidly piss me off. My fingers hurts, it sound creepy, and I really hate that.
    I know it's all about pratice. 10 years ago was able to play some notes from some music, but now i can't even plays three note without creating an ugly sound. I guess some are made for and some don't.

  18. I wish you could just play it the whole thing through one time…….would be nice….

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