A Super Easy Spanish Melody for Beginners! Fingerstyle Lesson

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Hey guys, I hope you are having an awesome Wednesday.
I have been playing around this easy Spanish melody for few days now and I am super happy to finally show you how to play it.
When it comes to playing guitar, especially fingerstyle guitar, you must have at least one Spanish melody/riff/chords in your repertoire. For me it’s a must!
In this fingerstyle lesson I am going to show you how to play very simple Spanish melody in three different ways.
The awesome thing about playing simple musical ideas like this one is that it’s easy to spice things up and add a little twist here and there.
The first melody is super simple and it will be played on the bass notes only. We mostly play in alternate fingering except for the first note which will be played with the thumb.
Then we are going to add a little twist at the end of each bar. We will play some fast notes so don’t be scared!
The last melody will be the real challenge!
As always, take things step by step guys. There is no need to rush!
Have fun.
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  1. the explanation is very very clear and fine, thanks !

  2. Whats the song

  3. keep up the good work, greatings from the Netherlands Dre

  4. THINK YOU!!!

  5. Почти Музыкант

    ♦️Fingerstyle arrang. On Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit[FREE TABS] is on my chanell. Watch who want;)♦️

  6. I really appreciate the beginner lessons. Keep it up!

  7. Lovely sound, solid instruction!!

  8. James Senchiury

    Welcome back again. Thank you so much for New video.

  9. Is this in standard tuning?

  10. Awesomeeeeeeeee.. Thank youuuuuuuu. 🙂

  11. I love that most of these types of videos are short, not too difficult, and nice sounding

  12. great

  13. Sourav Mukherjee

    That's beautiful

  14. Great lesson, Marco! What guitar do you use?

  15. Will you ever post more pop fingerstyle song tutorials?

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