Aaron Lewis – What Hurts The Most – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

** GEAR INFO, PURCHASE DETAILS, DISCOUNT CODES CLICK SHOW MORE TO SEE** How to play teach learn Aaron Lewis What Hurts the Most country acoustic easy beginner song with tabs and strumming patterns on guitar lesson cover tutorial free online youtube by Ryan Puskarich.
Song was originally written by Jeffrey Steele & Steve Robson, Initially recorded by Mark Wills, covered by Rascal Flatts, Bellefire, Jo O’Meara and Cascada. http://www.rpguitarist.com/

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  1. You have to be a held step down? I know it's not drop d and yours sounds lower than mine in standard

  2. You absolutely rock!!! Thank you so much for such amazing detail!!! This has to be one of the best lesson videos I have seen! Im very new but spend a lot of time watching videos and yours is amazing! Subscribing now!!!!!!!

  3. independantsound1

    Tabs ?

  4. metalobsessedsoul204

    Just heard this song yesterday for the very first time, I had to learn it. Perfect tutorial you have laid out! Thanks bud!

  5. What does it need to be tuned to

  6. awesome!!!

  7. Getting my guitar out now!

  8. Good rendition. Thank you for that, very easy to follow, clear voice, clean sound. Love it! keep up the good work.

  9. I like your style brotha!

  10. Gaston Rovaletti

    Awesome bro!, the best from Argentina

  11. awesome tutorial for a song I plan on auditioning with for a big time singing contest next month!!

  12. Incredible, why haven't seen this before man?!

  13. rpguitarvideos any chance you could do a version of country boy by Aaron Lewis. thnx in advance and awesome job I'm still learning but I love this version of this song since I heard it

  14. just learning guitar….thanks for videos. learned chords…now I wanna learn a song

  15. AWESOME dictation of the chords!!!!! Keep on goin' with em"!!!!!

  16. I am a beginner/intermediate & someone who watches a lot guitar videos attempting to learn. With one other exception, you produce/provide the best, most user friendly guitar videos to learn how to play songs. Thank you! Your talent & teaching skills are truly appreciated & I hope you will continue.

  17. This is a great tutorial. Thank you for explaining the strumming parts. I find that is always the hardest part for me.

  18. Sick sleeve dude

  19. Ashton Benjamin

    This guy deserves waaay more subscribers!

  20. Bro ur the best at doin Aaron Lewis's versions.Iv played most of his songs on the guitar n would want to learn more.Cld u plz do "Schizophrenic Conversations".Tht  would be of great help.Thanks anywayz!!!!

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