Abraham Laboriel – Bass Masterclass 1

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Abraham Laboriel 1 (Bass)

Description: In part one of this bass lesson (1 of 2), legendary bassist Abraham Laboriel discusses and demonstrates concepts that have helped shape his iconic style. Abraham delves into rhythm, technique, time-feel and more as he shares tips that have kept him on top of the session world for over four decades. If you’re a fan of Abraham Laboriel and want some advice from a true legend, this bass masterclass is for you.

Topics Covered: Bass, being a professional musician, rhythmic displacement, “conga line” cumbia, flexible time feel, playing behind and ahead of the beat, odd times, groupings, right hand technique, tapping, guitar techniques, rhythmic independence, etc.

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  1. Dr. Abe Laboriel is gifted with a God given genius , and humility

  2. If a Yamaha TRBX 305 is good enough for Mr Laboriel, its good enough for me !! Anybody know if it is stock ??

  3. My jaw

  4. Shrivatsan K Chari

    What am I doing with my life:/

  5. Kari Bannerman

    People who dislike this are usually envious or racist
    I can’t find any other reason .Oh wring they can’t hear music

  6. The most important – all three of them.
    I just love this man

  7. He is the greatest…no doubt about it…he has a comprehension and understanding of groove and rhythm of multiple genres far above most bassists today and his tone is perfect. Mr Laboriel sir. You are the Yoda!

  8. Michael Kofi Asare


  9. Jason Rosner- Bass

    The greatest!

  10. Now I know why he is DR. ABRAHAM LABORIEL !!!!

  11. how can someone dislike this video?!

  12. Victor M. Sáa

    Simply The best

  13. The legend.

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