Absolute Beginner Guitar Lesson 1 of 9

Absolute Beginner Guitar Lesson 1 of 9

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These series of videos are aimed to someone who has never played electric guitar before and would like to try it for the first time.

Do not watch it out of order since the material covered is shown progressively.

By the end of it, you will learn how to play to main riff of:

.Smoke On The Water
.Pretty Woman
.Stairway To Heaven
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  1. He starts talking at 1:05

  2. Haven't touched my guitar in a couple years and decided im gonna learn

  3. im getting so frustrated my pinky finger just wont cooperate

  4. make more VIDEOS

  5. Annoying show offs -_-

  6. holy shit, its christoph waltz! (its a good vid though)

  7. wow your training is really gonna help me out your the best! btw im a beginner :p

  8. That didnt teach me anything

  9. 1:08 this is when the song ends 

  10. Biriniz de şov yapmayın be kardeşim

  11. haha that's the first guitar lesson i ever watched :D

  12. thats cool and all but mind does not sound electric some reason… :(

  13. 1st one is smoke on the water

  14. what is the music at the beginning 

  15. what other language do you speak?

  16. What did he say?

  17. And I play the saxophone.
    I…I just wanted to play stairway to heaven. :,(

  18. sound like u're using swollen pickle :3

  19. Do you have an amplifier? If you don't get a marshall

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