Absolute First Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

If you’re a BRAND NEW BABY BEGINNER guitar player, this video is FOR YOU! This guitar lesson vid shows you The very basics of the guitar and will get you started ROCKIN!
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Since I’m so busy making new video tutorial lessons all the time and teaching guitar, I probably won’t have time to answer individual questions regarding guitar. My other videos cover beginner, advanced and intermediate levels. I teach rock, blues, country and just about any other style on electric or acoustic. If you can’t find your answer from the resources at the website above, keep digging into my vids, and I’m sure you will find your answer.

For more guitar lessons, see my other free tutorials.

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Keep practicing!!!
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  1. im 18

  2. eat

  3. Дядя Федя

    how does his fingers getting so stretched out far 11:25

  4. This helped me a lot thank you!

  5. I really like your personality. It's just so laid back and fun that it makes learning things fun. I'm going to start the guitar soon and your videos will be very helpful. :)

  6. I must be doing something horribly wrong because I can't get a note out when my finger touches the string

  7. @Cali G That is not a broblem, too fat fingers are because they touch the other strings

  8. This dipshit talks too much

  9. Thanks so much you amazing !!

  10. im 9 and trying it with my 18 year old sister.Lol

  11. I really want to learn how to play guitar and am looking at some used ones. Do you have any recommendations on what I should be looking for when buying a used guitar? I

  12. my school has a rule•••
    a certain year gets a certain instrument so like year 6 string instruments

  13. Heck Yes! I've got an acoustic guitar and love it but dunno know how to play it until I found this channel… I put my hopes on this one! XD

  14. If i play the acoustic guitar will it be hard to switch to an electric guitar or is it the same thing

  15. I'm just starting out playing the guitar but the EADGE acronym was genius haha i loved that show as a kid. so I'm def gonna remember now. You're awesome man thanks so much!

  16. I am 10 and I got a guitar today when should I start learning

  17. This very helpful I'm sure I'd be able to learn with this tutorial. ..very good! xx

  18. The best of the guitar lessons , i Have watched at least ten others yet this ones the most easiest to understand and start with .

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