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Peter Frapmton – Do You Feel Like we do – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar, Les Paul
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  1. tamao serizawa

    i play guitar use my left hand but when im searching on the youtube , there no many video that teach left hand . Can you make a left handed tutorials . If you can do that , this is gonna be awsome

  2. Jonah hill's dad knows how to play guitar

  3. hi marty I watch all your lessons and I have learnd so much. would you be able to do a lesson on (the white buffalo wish it was true) been wanting to learn this for quite some time

  4. That was AWSOME thanks I learnt a lot

  5. ChoxyFreaper101

    thank you for the lesson. I feel like I can become a good guitarist now.

  6. good job man love it

  7. My teacher did literally nothing in about two weeks…..you did it in 16 minutes

  8. Thank you

  9. Hi I love your video, especially for this song.
    I have found also another best guitar course and that is best for beginners that
    is Elumpa Simple Guitar Alchemist – if anyone is interested search on google

  10. I thought this was a tutorial for Absolute Beginners by David Bowie
    Opening of the video was very confusing

  11. Thank u

  12. EpicElijahSpeedyenterprises

    This was a fantastic lesson for beginners. As someone who has zero experience outside of randomly strumming on my dad's old guitar, I really learned a lot here.

  13. 1 frat 2nd frat 3rd frat 4th frat and so on…frats

  14. Great first lesson. Thank you.

  15. Pratibimb Gupta

    awesome and helpful

  16. JoHn EdWaRd CaTaCuTan

    Thank you very much it really helped me

  17. Yorkiris Benitez

    Thank you so much. This video was REALLY helpful!!

  18. Awesome finally I can play

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