Absolutely Free Online Beginner Bass Lesson 2

This is the second lesson in the series for beginner bass guitar players.
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My promise: You Lessons on Time or Three for FREE.
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  1. Love this mate, I'm a guitarist for 3 years now and had a bass for a while… never really payed attention to it til now. So i picked it up and now I'm loving it thanks to your helpful lessons, keep up the good work!

  2. I play guitar now and am about to start my first formal bass lessons…Wow, you have a great teaching style ! I am glued to your site for my very first bass lessons…Your videos will surely provide me with a solid foundation even before I take a single private lesson. Thanks so much for your wonderful channel. You have made my first bass experience a memorable one!
    A senior player from Vancouver BC area. Cheers!

  3. George, is there any hope that you could help me learn a really cool bass line I would be so happy to be able to play?  There are a few I wish I could learn but have never been abler to find any lessons on how to learn how to play or even tableture because I guess they are so simple people don't want to bother?

    I would so appreciate it if I could find some help!

  4. sorry sir…
    but this clip's audio sound have some problem i guess….can not here a single word of your instructions…. please help me out…

  5. Will having smaller hands effect me learning the bass properly. I've seen bass players mostly have long fingers. I'm a drummer so I never had to worry about it but now I picked up a Ibanez GIO GSR205SM and really wanna learn I don't read music I'm self taught on the drums will not learning to notes or being able to read music effect me with learning the bass?


  6. Dear George
    After watching various other bass tuition videos, I've noticed that some bassists (eg. Billy Sheehan) seem to keep the thumb of the right hand anchored on top of the pickup, and never move it down to rest on any of the strings. Your method, of moving the thumb up and down as you move up and down the strings, seems to make sense, but I wondered whether you ever deviate from this, eg. when playing more complex pieces? Also, you use just the index and middle fingers of the right hand. Do you ever also use the third and fourth fingers of the right hand?
    Thanks and best, CM

  7. You are a great teacher ! I just got my first bass (4 strings). Hope that I can learn to play with my age (56) will fallow first the free lessons and if I feel that I can play I'll try your full online curse.

  8. I just brought my very first bass.
    There is one problem though..

    I dont have any hands. Please help?

  9. Oh my goodness! not only is this a lesson to learn how to play the bass guitar but also a lesson for me to learn how to fly! you are amazing! haha. 

    But all jokes aside, I love your tutorials, it's very easy to understand. You have a gift for teaching 🙂 Thanks for giving your time to make these small lessons.

  10. I have to stop at this lesson, else i may do something rash and not afford to pay bills this month :oD You are a great teacher and can not wait to get my bass!!!! 

  11. Thank You Sir. Very nicely explained. Didn't even think about "video quality", people are way too spoiled. Came across your videos while searching for beginner Bass lessons and will now be a subscriber. 

  12. Nielsen Technical Services

    I just bought my first bass, a 5-string today at age 62. I learned a lot from this first lesson and will try your others as well. Thanks!!!

  13. Wow, this was made 6 years ago and still seems to be one of the only ways to learn bass from the ground up. Thanks for thinking about these uneducated. I'm planning on getting myself a bass guitar and yeah, this might be where i start.

  14. What are your thoughts on floating thumb?  I just got my bass a few days ago and chose your videos to instruct me first.  I had been following your thumb anchor technique but then yesterday found that floating thumb is MUCH easier for me, especially muting the D string(I can't bend my hand/wrist back enough if my thumb is anchored on D.). I've also found that plucking the bottom pickup is easier for me, I think because I have long arms.  Would you recommend I continue with these techniques that are so much easier for me?  Thanks!

  15. Sooo happy I've found you!  I appreciate your teaching style and the fact that you begin at the very beginning!  I've been through 2 bass teachers, and neither of them have taught me what you have in these first two videos!  I'm grateful!  I will finally learn properly!!  THANK YOU!  You are fabulous!

  16. Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for the upload! It's been very helpful. I'm very excited for learning more.

  17. I just want to say what everyone else has, many thanks for this, you're a brilliant teacher with a great easy going style.. You're the only one who says it's beginner course and starts at step 1 This is a guitar. All the other seem to start somewhere around step 10.. When I was a teenager I tried to learn and struggled like crazy, I tried teacher after teacher and none seemed to help then after about two years a friend managed to get me a one on one sit down with a top guitarist of the day. I sat down and he said right show me what you can do. After about 10 seconds he said stop and asked me if I was left handed and I told him I was to which he said why the hell are you playing a right hand guitar.. No one had told me.. Like I say, no one had ever started me off at step 1. I switched and tried a left hand but by then my fingers were so jumbled I gave up. Now with my 60th birthday next year I'm going to give it a go just as I had always wanted. A friend from a band has given me on permanent loan a Cort bass and I've been practicing like crazy but trying not to get ahead of myself. I have just one problem, there is no way I can get my thumb into the position you recommend. I have seriously big hands and long fingers, an 11 inch hand span, and to try and get my thumb down there with my fingers on the strings just about breaks my wrist. Maybe I just need more flexibility but with my fingers comfortably on the strings my thumb is an inch and a half above the top of the neck.. Again many thanks..

  18. Bryan Phillips

    Very good for the beginner..thank you sir..

  19. Lauryn Haskins

    Hi I was wondering if you have made any more of these videos as they are really helpful to me. If you can then that would be awesome and I love the advice you give, its helped me really we so far.

  20. Lauryn Haskins

    Hi I was wondering if you have made any more of these videos as they are really helpful to me. If you can then that would be awesome and I love the advice you give, its helped me really we so far.

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