AC/DC – Back in Black – Guitar Lesson – How to Play Electric Guitar Tutorial

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How to play “Back in Black” by AC/DC on the electric guitar. So many awesome techniques that mainly originate in the classic blues. Check out the open power chords, Chuck Berry inspired slides, and tasty blues style riffs but with a hard rock flair!

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  1. Yes the solo would be great

  2. All right, rock on my man. By the way could you teach 'Fake Plastic Trees' by Radiohead please?

  3. DO the solo

  4. Great lesson as always, I think some Chuck Berry would be cool!

  5. I find you lack of SG disturbing, only if it hadn't been set up for slide

  6. Hi Marty! Could you please make a tutorial for The End by The Doors ? It's my favourite song but a didn't find tutorial. I can only learn it from you … Thanks to you I learn so many songs… you're best… thank you so much

  7. give us the solo marty!

  8. Awesome lesson, awesome sound! We're not worthy!!!

  9. Can you plssssss do a unforgiven 2

  10. Another great lesson, I have been a subscriber since I found you at guitar jams last year even bought a set of your cd lessons last year and have learned a lot from them really easy to follow. I have my 30th wedding aniversery coming up in December this year and want to play the acoustic version of Keith Urbans Only You Can Love Me this Way for my wife if you could do a lesson on it to help me out that would be great. Thanks again for all the lessons.

  11. Marty I would love if you see my one video and comment I
    do guitar covers

  12. Good tutorial

  13. thanks,let the schwartz be with you

  14. YEAH! Solo Marty, thank you and please!

  15. Can you please do Iron Maiden's "Blood brothers"?

  16. Dimitrije Radonjic


    I couldn't stop smiling

  17. Bartosz Dopierala

    Lita Ford, Ozzy Osborne – Close my eyes forever. What do you think about it? :)

  18. Marty this is one of the best songs ever, thank you so much for teaching it brother, I have a request sir, I'd like to learn Santana feat. Everlast – put your lights on, thank you again for this awesome tutorial Marty your the true king of youtube msn!!!

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