AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks for watching MartyMusic! Also free courses at my site

  2. Please do a lesson on acdc’s, rock and roll ain’t noise pollution!

  3. Moron &moron sports

    Marty could you do kickstart my heart by Motley Crue, or Wango Tango by Ted Nugent?

  4. More Mississippi style blues such as Willie brown of Robert johnson

  5. Hey Marty great lesson as always! Could you do one on Beating around the bush? Thanks

  6. Just gotta say, as I beginner I love your lessons. It’s great to be able to play recognizable songs thanks to you Marty!

  7. Hi Marty..please could you do a lesson for "the greatest show" from the greatest showman?

  8. I would absolutely love for you to do a tutorial on Poplar St. by Glass Animals! I know it may not be an outrageously hard song, but I can't find any videos on it! Love the videos, they're a great help!

  9. Grow the beard out Marty!

  10. Marty. What pedal are you using and what's the setting??

  11. Play rabbit down the hole – by billy talent

  12. Could you do a tutorial for “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes? I’d love to learn that from you!

  13. Maluca Sensacional

    Awesome lesson. Please more Tom Petty songs!

  14. Awesome pick man keep it up, the lessons are always trustworthy.

  15. Banded Clovis by Tyler Childers

  16. Hey Marty, for guitar Tuesday can you talk about the vox ac30 or a similar product pls and thanks

  17. HunterHasNoFriends

    It'd be awesome if you could do "Roundabout" by Yes. I can only find the intro.
    Thanks man!

  18. Can you do By the Way by RHCP there isnt really anything out there on youtube on how to play it? Thanks

  19. Yeaaa AC-DC, love iT marty awsom Tutorial

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