AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Chords Strumming Malcolm Angus

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Guitar Lesson Tutorial - Chords Strumming Malcolm Angus

In this Dirty Deeds Guitar Tutorial we’re going to learn the chords and strumming for this all-time rock n roll classic AC/DC song and the way Angus and Malcolm share the parts to make it rock!

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  1. JustinGuitar Songs

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  3. Very clear and detailed, thanks! Practice this today 🙂

  4. great lesson Justin. loved that song from the first day i heard it ( by AC/DC 🙂 ). i bought an SG Standard because i love Angus' tone and style. i use Audacity to retune tracks to my guitar and any solos can be cut/copied and edited to play as slow as it needs to be to learn them without affecting the overall pitch of the playback. saw AC/DC play in Dublin a couple of years ago and Angus on the huge onstage video monitors was a total marvel to see. i'm away to practise some Dirty Deeds. peace man

  5. Nice lesson and nice guitar! Never seen this Gretsch model before, just de custom shop version with pick up holes. But this model…which one is it?

  6. 80s Rock And Metal

    I love this band

  7. Please do a Katie Melua tutorial! Piece By Piece or Just Like Heaven 🙂

  8. Good music

  9. Who says by John Mayer, please!

  10. Pinky and the Brain

    Hey Justin, i´m watching some YT clips and interviews of Jimi Hendrix, SRV and so on. Would love to hear you talking about the greatest a bit. Or maybe you can make a video in which you play the styles of them to show us the difference. gnihihihihi 😎

  11. Women of Mine Dean Friedman?! 🙂

  12. luckypatch1803 polly

    can you do half the world away by oasis ?

  13. Awesome lesson as usual…just wondering if you have advice on amp setups for the differnent songs/ artists you teach? Just basic bass/ middle/ gain. or if you have ever thought about just a brief run through ag the start of the lesson? Thanks again for another awesome video

  14. Awesome again! Thanks heaps!

  15. Hey Justin! Great stuff man! Always watch your videos 🙂 Im interested if you could do a lesson on Queens ' Bohemian Rhapsody " as music alone is amazing and such a classic tune, musical notes & how it changes music genres 🙂 Thanks Buddy 🙂

  16. I hope you don't mind, I started doing beginner lessons and I suggested people check out your channel to learn songs with the chords I taught. I know you do a whole easy guitar series and have a lot of good beginner song lessons. Thanks for the inspiration. Take it easy.

  17. Love AC/DC! I read that Malcolm acquired the Gretch when his brother upgraded to a Gibson. Mal modded it and played it throughout his career. You probably know more a lot more about it than I do. Great lesson. Looking forward to more AC/DC! I remember the fantastic "Shoot To Thrill" lessons you had a few years ago.

  18. Can you do a lesson on 'big Jack' by AC/DC please

  19. Thanks for the time and effort you invest in making these excellent lessons Justin!

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