AC/DC For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

For those about to rock this guitar lesson, we salute you! I’m teaching you guys how to play the classic AC/DC tune, “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) on electric guitar! Check it out!

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  1. Bad Jam!! I finally figured the intro out Thanks Marty!

  2. hi marty it willi better to add tabs after lesson for better understanding the chords regards

  3. This honestly has to be the most fun song to play on guitar I’ve ever played

  4. Dude! Do “rocker” by ac dc! Please please pretty please mr. Marty

  5. Night Prowler solo please?

  6. I wish my best friend Scott who introduced me to AC/DC back in the early '80s could have been alive to hear me play this. One of his fav songs for sure. Thanks Marty! RIP nicest guy in the world, Scott Kaiden.

  7. Teach us Thunder Kiss 65. By White Zombie

  8. Dude- I have been learning songs from YOUR youtube lessons since 2012-2013.
    PLEASE Keep it up….. LOVE your
    straight-to-it approach.

  9. There ain't no other like Marty!

  10. Marty how often do u have to adjust your electric? I mean like the bridge height and adjustment rod?

  11. Sweet child of mine

  12. Please do panama next bro! Also some more Crüe!!!

  13. I would like to see Shot Down In Flames.

  14. Another great lesson Marty! Would if be possible to do a lesson on welcome to the jungle, Guns and Roses? Appreciate all your teaching! Thanks

  15. Thanks for what you Marty.
    I live in NJ and my son lives in FLA.It goes like this," did you see that song on Marty Music? "
    " Yeah Dad,he's great".
    Keep up the good work…
    (I also enjoy when you do vids with Phil…)

  16. Please please please do looks that kill

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