AC/DC Hells Bells Guitar Lesson

AC/DC Hells Bells Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys Marty Here from MartyMusic! So glad too be able to make another fresh lessdon for you on this Monday! Here’s AC/DC “Hells Bells”

Also, let me know other videos you’d like to see in the comments section as I’m always reading them!



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  2. Love your shirt

  3. powermaster 81

    Brilliant !!! Great teacher, thanks buddy

  4. I have always played the intro in an A minor shape. Is there a big difference?

  5. Why'd you have to make your thumbnail like that

  6. Love your method of teaching. Making sure you walk through the tricky parts. Really helps me. Thank you.

  7. ac dc hard as a rock

  8. Your a fucking pro homie

  9. Cool video Marty!^^ Love your way of teaching!

  10. sweet

  11. hey marty could you do bad obsession by G'N'R

  12. Freddys Nightmare

    would like to learn up around the bend please by credence c r

  13. That guitar looks beutiful! Amazing Lesson 😀

  14. Wow ur really good! :))

  15. Terry Wigington

    awesome Marty is the best I've seen

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