AC/DC Highway To Hell Guitar Lesson – How to play


Highway To Hell Chords + help: ►►

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  1. Thanks for the lesson. Not sure how you play with such long fingernails? However the lesson was great.

  2. What pedal are you using to get that sound?

  3. Two-torial

  4. Sam's Emergency Vehicle, Gaming & Music Videos

    6:06 My Favourite Solo Part Of Highway To Hell. I Love It So Much. You're A Legend I Could Listen To This All Day. I Now Know How To Play The Highway To Hell Lyric Chorus Solo. Thank You So Much For The Help Andy I Appreciate It.

  5. Ok. Most players would use their thumb to fret that Low F#. Presumably the reason Angus fingers it like that is because he has such small hands. The conventional way to add that F# is with the thumb. Keith Richards does that a lot.

  6. "highway to D"


    Hi Andy! I appreciate your excellent teachings and your positivity! As a teacher myself, I believe you are a great teacher! Just to let you know, when you say, "Go get the TAB on my website", I go to your website and cannot find the TAB. Where is the TAB on your website? Steve

  8. Fucking adverts in the middle though? Really?!

  9. Amp settings?

  10. Amazing! This is why you’re the best

  11. OMG 666 LIKES

  12. Never thought I could play a note, tune or riff. Watching your videos simplifies what I though was impossible. Now I can make my guitar play music instead of random noises. Everyday of picking it up and practicing I improve. Thanks!

  13. Harrison Ollier Hobbies

    NO OFFENSE but thats hard andy. soz!

  14. Maddy Jay Willow Oats

    I can’t get the tab up?

  15. Does it have to be on full overdrive or what couse my guitar doesnt sound like that at all

  16. Who disliked

  17. Thanks. And whoa. Lot of stuff going on here with the muting strings and using full chords. Nothing like I tried to come up with myself.

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  19. Guys pls check linkin park newest vid 🙁

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