AC/DC – Highway to Hell – Guitar Lesson – How to Play Electric Guitar TutorialC

AC/DC - Highway to Hell - Guitar Lesson - How to Play Electric Guitar TutorialC

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again with “MartyMusic!” so excited to be teaching another AC/DC lesson for you guys! We’ve got “Highway to Hell” for the rockers out there! Once again thanks for “liking” and “starting” the videos to help spread the word on my project right here! All my best!

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  1. 5:17 best part of Video

  2. Marty- I just love your channel. For an old dog trying to learn a new trick of playing guitar, this is just want I need. Anyway, I've been drawn to the blues and you have some great stuff. What about a lesson for "Messin' with the kid." I know there are several versions out there (Rory Gallaghers is my favorite, although a newbie like me could never play it). Could be a cool song for a tutorial. Thanks Marty!

  3. johnathonakask8erboi

    Solo section for this song?

  4. can u please do a video on iron maiden or nickelback's burn it to the ground

  5. Marty is the man! Your one of my favorite people to watch for guitar tutorials on you tube

  6. Solo to heatwave by Linda ronstadt

  7. Hey marty, can you do The Kill, by 30 Seconds to Mars??
    loved this tutorial btw

  8. Beautiful guitar! What amp is it going through?

  9. Intro to Hotel California

  10. Please do Cat Scrath Fever

  11. another great lesson, thanks Marty ! thanks for also going through what the best effect is,

    hows about a lesson on David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust ?

  12. If you get a chance can you do one of the songs from the new Rolling Stones Album, you the man Marty!

  13. You should do Dream On by Aerosmith.

  14. calling dr love.

  15. Thanks for all the lessons Marty. How about one on Ain't Much Left of Me by Blackberry Smoke.

  16. Cowboys from hell!!!!!! please

  17. Faithless Killjoy

    Hey Marty, you are doing an awesome job with all of these lessons… I was wondering if you could do a lesson on the Solo from NIB by Black Sabbath. Thanks Marty keep on rocking!

  18. Maybe Aneurysm by Nirvana? Thanks Marty!

  19. Any chance you can do 5/6 by Jason Mraz?

  20. Can you do a lesson on the my sharona solo?

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