AC/DC Highway To Hell Guitar Lesson Tutorial – EASY guitar song #8


AC/DC Highway To Hell TAB: ►►

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In this guitar lesson series we’re going to learn to play TEN beginner guitar songs with three very common guitar chords; A major, D major and G major.

This lesson shows you how to play the absolute classic Rock guitar riff Highway To Hell by AC/DC. I’ll be talking you through the classic opening chords, the epic chorus, and all the rhythm guitar parts all throughout the song. I do not cover the solo here, I’ll do a full lesson on that at a later date.

If you find you struggle for any reason, then head back to the first video for more work on the chords themselves, or check out an easier section of songs on the website or channel!

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  1. Harrison Ollier Hobbies

    instead of doing a d chord after the first 3 strums of the song i have my index finger on bottom F# and my 4th finger on string 5 on d. then after the 3 strums of that chord i move my 1st finger up 1 fret.

  2. Fin Polkinghorne

    try to practice!!!!!!!

  3. Manikanta Reddy D

    You high on Highway to Hell? Dem eyes…

  4. Love your shirt

  5. leer mij da nigga

  6. spacedogawesome

    tioo complicated

  7. Miscellaneous Muthafucka

    I’m having trouble switching between chords ☹️

  8. the tone is off to highway to hell

  9. Big fan dude please try to play Nothing's gonna Change my love for you -George Benson

  10. It would be nice if you taught us the WHOLE song???

  11. ItzShockerGames14

    Anyone have the tab?

  12. A5
    Some weird g chord

    Just saying incase you find this to easy

  13. How do I get the chord list for this as the link doesn't seem to work…

  14. Esparza Cartoons

    Andy looks beh-er every time l see him

  15. Andrew Fletcher

    play it a lil instead of talking ,,,see ya

  16. how many times do u repeat the riff before the chorus where u do e chord 2 bars of it?


  18. need to move the camera back

  19. Thank you so much Andy! After watching this video and playing along with you and the record, I can finally play an entire song!

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