AC/DC Moneytalks Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

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Come on, come on, love me for the lessons. Teaching you guys how to play Moneytalks by AC/DC on electric guitar today! I’m breaking down the riffs and chords played throughout the song. Check it out!

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  1. DUDE I NEED HELP, there's no tutorials for The Perfect Parts by shaky graves. Its a simple song i just need one of tutorials to help me get it. Thank you for considering

  2. Chris Jakubowski

    Thanks for all the great lessons! Some lessons I haven’t seen are from Monster Truck. Check out The Lion or Sweet Mountain River

  3. Thanks for the lesson Marty! Could you do one on Burn Away by Otherwise?

  4. Hey Marty!
    I have a problem when I play for a longer period of time, like for example on a consert or just practicing with the band, my lefthand(on the fretboard) starts muting the strings. Love your vids, Keep it up!

  5. Marty can you do curse the weather by mo Lowda and the humble ? No one knows about them and it’s my favorite song

  6. Can you plz do the ghost busters song. You are the only one that are good at tutorials. And I thank you for your tutorials because you motivate me to keep playing guitar

  7. Quinton Osatchuk

    How about Shot Down in Flames

  8. May I request Siva by Smashing Pumpkins? Can't find a decent tutorial out there. Thanks!!

  9. Could you teach us how to play the main theme from this is us? It’s the theme after every episode. I love your videos! Keep up the great content!

  10. One of my most favourite AC/DC songs, thanks Marty.

  11. Can you please do a video on The Unforgiven? You the easiest to learn songs from and I still new at this so some of the other channels don’t teach me anything easily

  12. Robert's Guitar Dungeon

    That hat must be absolutely stinking!!!!!!!

  13. Day 7 of asking Marty to give us a tutorial on Lover You Should’ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley

  14. Great song, great band, great lesson!! What else can you ask for.. Thanks Marty!!!

  15. Please do push by moist

  16. We need some more led plz

  17. William Charlton

    Great lesson could you teach whiskey lullaby next I would love to learn the intro

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