AC/DC Problem Child EASY Electric Guitar Lesson tutorial

AC/DC Problem Child EASY Electric Guitar Lesson tutorial

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Here’s how to play Problem Child by the mighty AC/DC!

This is one of the easiest AC/DC songs to play on guitar!


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  1. ChuckNorrisTrolling

    Excellent tutorial! What amp are you using? That tone sounds great!

  2. Which guitar is this?

  3. Could you do a marilyn Manson song ?

  4. That was my song as a young FTW punk

  5. When is the AC DC Back in Black second tutorial coming ?

  6. What the heck an AC DC song with a c chord..yikes

  7. Hi Andy!Thanks for that it was awesome!Request:I really enjoy Billie Eilish and her amazing Songs and I was wondering could u do a lesson on her latest song "Come Out And Play" as the beat throughout and main instrument is acoustic guitar and it's a lovely tune and I would really like to be able to play it.Thanks again and love always xx

  8. Loved it! Great tutorial! Excellent upbeat, enthusiastic teaching style, much appreciated! Now, can you go to She's got the Jack??? One of my all time favorites. Btw, thanks for this one!

  9. Dirty eyes please!

  10. Pls pls pls do night prowler

  11. oh man

  12. Thx for this vidio

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