AC/DC, Queen, White Stripes, Super Easy Beginner Guitar Riffs on One string

One string, SO MANY SONGS! Learn a ton of classics with just one string. Impress your friends and get ready to rock with my super simple lesson to play AC/DC, the White Stripes, Queen and many more!

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  1. Thanks for supporting "MartyMusic" also I have a ton of Free Courses at my site

  2. Nice! Starting out on guitar and BOOM! Your lesson helps me a lot. Thanks!

  3. Ozur Draws And Stuff

    What tuning are you using

  4. Neat

  5. Watching this before going to a guitar store.


  7. I’m only nine but I got really good thanks

  8. choochoochooseyou


  9. Marty, my son said he learned so very much from your videos. I just bought a guitar and am taking your lessons. Thank you for doing what you do to help us. Love love love you.

  10. Why don’t u show the tuning ?

  11. Can we get acoustic version of this?

  12. TurkiTheBadass

    THX 🙂

  13. LIKED AND SUBBED thank u so much I love the way u teach it's helping me soooo much

  14. de plof kippen bos

    The seven nation army hard

  15. What if you don’t have a pedal can you still play this?

  16. I learned all of these except one on acoustic, thank you do much for publishing this video

  17. My amplifier only came with three dial thingys, volume, treble, and base, also drive and I really can’t get any of the sounds I want out and I don’t want to buy a signal processor

  18. are these playable without a pedal??? and do any of your videos explain using a pedal?

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