AC/DC – Ride On Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Chords Strumming Malcolm Angus

AC/DC - Ride On Guitar Lesson Tutorial - Chords Strumming Malcolm Angus

In this Ride On guitar lesson tutorial, we check out the chords and strumming of this classic AC/DC ballad, both Angus and Malcolm’s parts, but not the solos.

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  1. this is very sad blues..but wonderful

  2. Great job! Thank you

  3. Hey Justin, whats up with the broken arrow tattoo? It's a cool tat.

  4. Thank you Justin

  5. Best song of ACDC

  6. thank you. great music

  7. Great video man. Thanks.

  8. Great song choice, thanks

  9. Gday from South Australia

  10. Can you please just teach the lesson and not talk so much,

  11. Great as always! Love the classic AC/DC Ride On!

  12. How about shook me all night long. That’s amazing love to c someone play like that makes me fell so good. You are a great teacher
    I was lucky enough to c ac ad open for Alice cooper in about 79 80 in Birmingham Alabama I think it was the next to last show before Bon Scott past away they were great sorry for the lost of Malcolm young and Bon Scott, great band

  13. Thanks for explaining how good and amazing ACDC is! For rock and roll song writing, playing, and listening it doesn't get much better than ACDC!

  14. Would love to see a lesson on the solo!!!!

  15. any chance of c.o.d one song i love

  16. Thanks for doing this one. Always been one of my favorite AC/DC songs. I really need to transcribe the main solo, as it's my favorite Angus solo. The way he blends soul with aggressive attack and spot on phrasing/timing is just magical! P.S. That Gretch is cool…

  17. Nobody rocks like acdc my favorite band . Great tutorial ,spot on

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