ACDC Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

All you middlemen, throw away your fancy clothes and grab your electric guitars! I’m teaching you how to play ACDC’s Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution! I’ll go over the fingerpicking for the intro and chords used to play the song. Check it out!

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  1. Great lesson Marty!

  2. Can you do something Rolling Stones from 1973-1989 please? This is great! Your the best guitar teacher on YouTube IMO.

  3. That looks exactly like a shirt my wife bought me for Christmas on Amazon.

  4. Hey Marty can u do a lesson on Uranus rock by hendrix, or some early stevie ray stuff like when he was in the cobras or nightcrawlers, somethin like take me down easy? Thatd be nice m8

  5. Could u please do a tutorial for Lack of communication by ratt or other songs by them

  6. A lesson on stiff upper lip by AC/DC would be amazing!

  7. Please do Big Log by Robert Plant

  8. Aye Marty do you think you could teach “ toss a coin to the whitcher “. Thank you for all your work

  9. Aye Marty do you think you could teach “ toss a coin to the whitcher “. Thank you for all your work

  10. How bout doing Blackberry Smoke There aint much left of me??

  11. Marty we need Same Ol' Situation by Motley crue. Great tutorial!!

  12. What effects do you use?

  13. For the next AC/DC Lesson can you do nervous shakedown?? If that's possible.. thank you.

  14. You should do some hip

  15. Can you please do the sky’s a neighbourhood by the foo fighters

  16. Learned my first ACDC song by listening to it once
    Edit: by that I meant that was the first song I learned by ear

  17. PATRIOTIC RockaRoller

    For people wondering when you listen to the record and you hear it being played in a higher octave, that's because it is. Angus is playing the blues in E on the 2nd fret. But Malcolm is playing the exact same thing but on 14th fret. It give the song that real bluesy feel.

  18. Your lessons are really great and helpful, I learned many things and songs to play on guitar thanks to you Marty, I appreciate all your stuff, and I would really like if you do a lesson of Bother (acoustic) by Stone Sour!

  19. The Real Dark Whale

    Great video Marty

  20. Markus Istad Lirhus

    Please make a guitar lesson om Eric Clapton – Holy Mother

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