AC/DC – Rock N Roll Train Guitar Lesson Tutorial + SOLO

Here’s my guitar tutorial for how to play the chords and SOLO for Rock N Roll Train by AC/DC!

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  1. Tell me how is it

  2. Watch out my link

  3. Awesome… I was waiting for this…. yoo… please andy do keep the faith by bon jovi…

  4. Please can you do a video showing how to play the intro to the jackass theme.

  5. Harrison Ollier Hobbies

    your sg matches my channel icon!! LOL!

  6. Can you please do riot van by the Arctic monkeys

  7. 0:35 was Moneeeeeeeeyy ! Love from India.

  8. Can you please do a tutorial on how to play beating around the bush including the solo? Would mean so much!!!

  9. Jeproks Probiotics

    Nice Andy your the best 🙂 😉 but can I request a song? I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys cause that is the most fav song in our classroom… I hope I can sing them all in my play… Thanks Andy..

  10. Dude my strat mim pickups sound crappy they buzz a lot! Any tip to fix it and as we go high on fretboard it becomes hard to play and it becomes hard to make a consistent and smooth sound any tip for me?

  11. Hey the sg.

  12. Good job man……..

  13. Great stuff mate thanks for the lesson

  14. Thanks andy!! As.usual always good
    My ( beast ) ( gretsch) is gonna love this one

  15. Hey Andy, do you think you could do a fingerstyle tutorial of 'dancing in the moonlight' – toploader? It's an awesome song and there's basically nothing I can find on how to do the fingerstyle.

  16. Nice video Andy can you do Here I go again by Whitesnakes

  17. Sounds great! Like the closeups on fretboard… and how slowly you demonstrate. I’m very slow still… 🙂

  18. Hi Andy first view

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