AC/DC Style Electric Guitar Lesson – Open Chords

AC/DC Style Electric Guitar Lesson - Open Chords

How to play open chords AC/DC style on the electric guitar. If you enjoyed this lesson share the love and share this video with your friends. Need more guitar help? Visit for free resources and more guitar tools to help you master the guitar.

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out this guitar lesson on how to play open chords on the electric guitar AC/DC style. Hope you enjoyed this one!

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  1. sei bravo ma porca puttana quanto mi stai sul cazzo

  2. patrick jezierski

    comment y se la péte ces amerlokes blablablablablablala ppfff

  3. I was shown these a few years ago my buddy called them Angus chords.Thanks Rich

  4. Uh Oh, it's the MAN! Erich, you better get outta hereI I'll hold 'em off, you take the guitars and head out the back! GO!

  5. 3:35 "they coming for me" lolz.

  6. Is that an actual '68? I've noticed you featuring it in your videos a lot, lately. It's beautiful. … Great info and thanks, always. 

  7. Hello Erich,
    Thank you for that new lesson.
    You're a great teacher.

    Hope you are fine.

    See you.

  8. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    thanks Erich

  9. Yes you do count haha you the beats in each measure haha just saying

  10. Do you need bail money?

  11. great vid

  12. Pretty much learning from scratch, signed up for the ebook and freebies and studying hard on the videos for the last year, thanks you.

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