AC/DC – Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson Riff, Chords & Rhythms

In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn the rock classic Thunderstruck by AC/DC, and not just the awesome riff, but all the riffs you need to play the whole song (but not the solo!).

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  1. Patricio Karelović Luksić

    Excelente como todos tus videos, muchas gracias . Salu2

  2. nice tutorial but too fast

  3. Perro hpta apure lento emierda caremondá

  4. Wrong guitar (during the lead riff)

  5. Thanks for breaking it down into easy parts

  6. You’re an excellent teacher. Thanks a lot for your videos. I‘ll keep practicing. Greetings from Germany!

  7. Man I'm just starting to play at 50 years old and am digging your videos. I'm using your website and have started taking local once a week lessons. Oh yea, AC DC rocks because they have a beat and a rhythm that's easy to listen to!

  8. youve been;……………………………………………. THUNDERSTRUCK

  9. your my favourite out of all your easy and i dont know what im doing

  10. you are the best i know a bit of thunderstruck!!!!!! you da man!!!!!

  11. gooooood

  12. Fantastic lesson Justin. Thank you very very much!

  13. great man, thanks a lot !!

  14. It’s not Thunderstruck if you don’t play it on an SG!!

  15. You're the man Justin!

  16. I’m in pain right now call 911

  17. My favorite part is Malcolm's riff at the beginning.

  18. The hardest part of this song for me is Malcolm's intro part actually xD

    Anyway this is what i am looking for, a correct way to play ACDC Thunderstruck.
    I found on another lesson that lot of them did not teach malcolm's part or even sometimes angus's part correctly.
    But you just explain them perfectly here.

    Also for me that first rhythm part from malcolm actually is "what we may think easy but it's not" lol XD

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