ACDC – TNT – Beginner Rock Electric Guitar Lesson – How to Play TNT by ACDC Angus Young

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  1. awesome
    also can u play back in black
    thx ^-^

  2. Can you play cliffs of dover?

  3. marty play falling in reverse the westerner

  4. Eleanor Lisa George

    I'm motivated.thanx

  5. does sound vary with speakers? When I play the strings it sounds nothing like yours. Yours sounds more electrical and mine sounds very gentle?

  6. Lol.. I remember I got my 1st guitar when I was 12, and was so mad.. I wanted a set of drums.. It sat in the corner for weeks till a buddy of mine seen it. He picked it up and played the the beginning to "enter sandman" and was blown away. I haven't put it down since and I am 36 now and play it every day… I love it

  7. thank you

  8. Awesome video man

  9. Can u do dammit or what's my age again by blink 182

  10. I i can do it it just doesnt sound the same whats the tune i need

  11. Through flames and fire by dragon force

  12. Lahbaiel Med Amine

    Thank u So Much U Really Helped me To Learn It

  13. What should I have my amp settings on? 

  14. Great teacher and very likable thanks

  15. thakns ! this video help me for my electric guitar live!

  16. Hey i reallu did just get my squire by fender this was a really easy way to learn

  17. problem is you talk to much

  18. +martyzsongs take me to church

  19. Good stuff man! helps alot thanks (:

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