AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long Solo – Guitar Lesson

Shake the whole neighborhood all night long with this rocking guitar tune. Check out my tutorial to get those AC/DC songs ripping right off your guitar strings!

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  1. Nice breakdown man. I might never nail this solo but I'm going to take some of these licks.

  2. Thanks I can play that now.

  3. Thank you Marty. I’ve been watching lessons from mike gross and you and I’m actually learning to play complete songs now, solos too. I never thought I could. Thanks for all you do and keep rocking Marty!!!

  4. Marty I don’t think there’s anybody on YouTube that explains guitar like you do. Thanks for all you do .

  5. Holy shit your amazing

  6. Jeffrey Carter

    Can you do Bakersfield by Social Distortion?

  7. Claudio Molina

    Hay que ser muy gil culiao para ponerle dislikes a un video tan didáctico

  8. Does it feel as good as what i think it does, when you play that?

  9. Significant Video! It helped me a lot!

  10. Kushagra Yadav

    Doesn't sound as good on my dreadnought acoustic. I like the feel of this solo though.

  11. Unlimited Video! It helped me a lot!

  12. Marty i used to get lessons from you on guitar jams i actually was wondering if you could do some more 12 string guitar lessons i just got my 6th guitar and happens to be a 12 string and want to learn to use it uniquely

  13. Yoooo I really like your video!

  14. Can you do a electric guitar lesson on same ol’ Situation by Motley Crue

  15. Carroll Heatley

    Been watching your videos for years and iv learned so much. Please do a tutorial on the song "kerr county dopesick blues" by the hill country devil. I cannot for the life of me get the picking down
    Thank you

  16. Please go to my chanel and rate my guitar playing.
    I will be posting short videos of my playing every week.
    Thanks !

  17. It made my day when I saw this solo lesson. Such a great job teaching it. Thanks Marty!

  18. Please do patience by Guns N’ Roses!!!!!!

  19. Great teacher!
    Please do more AC/DC solo's!

  20. Mike Rhinehart

    You are okie dokie

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