Ace of Spades Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Ace of Spades Slow The Pace

Ace of Spades Acoustic Guitar Lesson.
How to play The Ace of Spades, ‘slow the pace’ by Motorhead On Acoustic Guitar Like the TV Advert.

One of my students mentioned Motorhead had redone the Ace of Spades on acoustic guitar for the Kronenbourg 1664 advert.


Check out Part 2 here:–Wb4M

Tab available here:

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  1. Totally in standard tuning! EADGBE 440hz concert pitch. 

  2. Brilliant lesson Thank you 🙂

  3. Excellent lesson, thanks for putting the tab up too

  4. Ricky, When you release the 1/4 bend on E on the main riff how are you stopping it from ringing out? Are you using your thumb over the neck or are you palm muting it on the way to the up stroke of A?

  5. Nice one! Much appreciated… ✊

  6. What strings do you use?

  7. Been looking for an explanation of this version for a while. Thanks mate!

  8. There are dude! Look at the link in the description

  9. Brilliant. Cheers.

  10. Nice one, thanks a million great help!

  11. Harry ElSucioPotter

    awesom mate,, you got style ;D

  12. @hendrixslashmay Have you opened it with a pdf reader after downloading it. It could be my handwriting…:)

  13. @TheVidic09 No mate it's in standard EADGBE tuning at 440hz

  14. is this song tuned in any way or is it just normal tuning mate ps good video

  15. @TheMiskeys Yeah it works! Nice handwriting….. NAAAAAATTTT!!!!!! just joking.

  16. @TheMiskeys Yasss thanks 🙂

  17. @ee16csvt The link should be working now 🙂

  18. @mikeyglennon The link should be working now 🙂

  19. The link to teh PDF doesn't work… :S

  20. Yeah man the link don't work.

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