Ace of Spades Guitar Lesson – Motorhead

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In this Ace Of Spades guitar lesson video, I will show you note-for-note how to play this hard rockin’ classic by Motorhead.

A few days ago, the legendary Lemmy, the iconic lead singer and bassist of Motorhead passed away. I have been getting a lot of requests for this song this week so it looks like it is finally time to get some Motorhead on the site!

You will need to tune your guitar down one half-step in order to follow along with this lesson and the original recording. Those notes will be, starting from the 6th string, (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb).

There are some great riffs in “Ace Of Spades” and it simply never lets up. It is blast to play once you get everything under your fingers.

I will start the lesson by showing you the main riff followed by the verse section and all of it’s cool solo guitar licks.

As the lesson progresses you will quickly learn every little nuance of the song. The real star of the show here is the guitar solo which is chock full of killer guitar licks despite the short amount of time it takes up in the song.

Just like the riffs in “Ace Of Spades”, the guitar solo never lets up either, so you are in for quite a ride! However, it shouldn’t be anything that an intermediate level player can’t handle.

So I hope you guys enjoy this tribute lesson to the late great Lemmy. Be sure to play it loud and play it fast!

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  1. Would love to see a tutorial on Stone Gossard's version

  2. more motorhead songs please

  3. muito boa explicação e posicionamento de câmeras !

  4. Thanks! Learned this tune in 52 seconds!

  5. I swear this video has the highest like/dislike ratio ever

  6. Abstract Peter Griffin

    I know I'm very late, but how do you have videos for literally every song I want to learn?

  7. HomelessHobo Youtube

    holy fuck my fingers fucking hurt Lmao

  8. Awesome lesson thank you!

  9. thanks

  10. Poor lemme he was killed by death

  11. Can you do very first intro of ace of spades

  12. Sergio Verdichizzi

    carl could you do "I ain't not no nice guy" of the motorhead? I like it too much

  13. Please do the game guitar lesson also..

  14. Man could you make a tutorial for thunder and lightning by motorhead ???

  15. Nice tone. Great lesson. Thanks mang will be returning

  16. Ingenious G power chord.

  17. Стас Лурков

    RIP Fast Eddie. Great riff.

  18. LeandroJames Simon

    Can you pls do The game and King of kings by Motörheads

  19. The Beat Crafter

    Pure simple and powerful! Best song!

  20. Can u pls also do Damage Case

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