Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

Visit to download the tablature for this lesson. In this blues guitar lesson, I show you in depth how to play a very fast blues solo on an acoustic guitar in the style of Eric Clapton.
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  1. I've played it all the way through and don't see any reason to use fingers AND pick at the same time

  2. what guitar you are play with Bryan?

  3. Let me tell you why I disliked this video. I don't think this is the right or efficient way to learn playing the blues. He is just telling how he is playing this in 30 minutes which you can just learn with tabs or in Guitar Pro. He is not teaching the essentials of notes, how you use it and when you use it. Also, if you don't know your scales very good, you will just end up memorizing this and quickly forget, and worse you can't develop your own style. These kinds of videos are very good if you are learning a particular song, but if you are trying to learn how to play a new music genre, this isn't the right way. I'm not a professional guitarist and not saying this is completely wrong, this is just my opinion. But I'm sure that this video is only marketing his (or their) websites and you are the potential customer. Think like this, a gym coach is making a video and he/she tells how to bench press like one famous bodybuilder and not teaching which muscles you are working, when and why you should do it. After that, directing you to the website which you must pay for more. Again, I'm not saying this is very wrong and he is trying to rip you off, but way I see is, it's not at least ethical.

  4. Those Old guitars sound sooooo great! :O) – Okay so I know yu have to be able to play it..but just sounds 'unique'. Love It! – Thank you for posting this….

  5. Jakhongir Abdumutalov

    You are my first, last and the best Blues Teacher! Thank you for making each and everything completely easy and professional!

  6. thanks for this video ..i learned alot!!

  7. I do not understand why people would dislike this video. There is literally so much information this educator is giving out free. It is only natural that there are links to paid subscriptions on his site. I am sure the rest of us expect to get paid for our work as well. I would not work for free for my employer.
    If you want the tablature then don't be a cheapskate. Pay for it. I am not affiliated with this site in anyway. I just admire this man's skills and the free knowledge he gives out.

  8. Is this music generally nylon string or steel string

  9. Thanks for taking the time to make this great lesson.

  10. Sounds a lot like eric claptons style

  11. Amazing thank you!

  12. Something tells me that this video is sponsored…

  13. Anders Søndergaard

    Does anyone have a link, on the guitar? Its pretty sweet..

  14. I'm learning blues from you. You are my teacher.I didn't know blues guiter before.But I understand a little what blues guitar is.Thnk you for your lesson!!

  15. Бездарь и мошенник.

  16. Eljakim Maerschalck

    I just can't figure out the rhythm of the part at 28:14. I played the notes that were explained in the correct order.. but as I speed it up it just sounds out of place. Any tips?

  17. tablature is not free!

  18. David Johannesson

    Whats the size of guitar 3/4?

  19. what is his guitar

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