Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson – 1 Easy Triad To Spice Up Your Blues!

Acoustic Blues SuperClass:

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Hey what’s up! Marty here with “MartyMusic” and I’m here with Friday’s new technique video. This very easy triad shape can be moved around the neck to give you a great additional voicing when your playing some blues. I show some concepts on playing with another guitar player, and also some ideas on using this concept solo. Thanks again for supporting “MartyMusic”



  1. Thanks for supporting! Here's the link to My New Acoustic Blues Course:

  2. Benjamin Michael

    U ROCK MARTY!! can u do despasito opening?

  3. Great Marty.

  4. Hey Marty, I have been searching and searching on how to play the solo for “Turtle Blues” by Janis Joplin. Could you please make a video, I’d appreciate it!

  5. Salmon/pink is not your color Marty…… more guitar tour vids plz!

  6. Roman Villarreal

    Hey could you should hear and do a lesson on Earth blues by Jimi Hendrix it just sounds amazing

  7. Great tutorial. Marty you rules. What is the name of the song at the end of the video??? greetings from Argentina.

  8. Please do a lesson of the acoustic part from children of the damned

  9. Trinece Clarke-campbell

    You should the band bush Glycerine

  10. Could you do a tutorial on Adele’s Rolling in the Deep?

  11. Hi Marty, could you do a lesson on "Helplessly Hoping" by Crosby, Stills & Nash?

  12. you should do a lesson on "edge of desire" by john mayer. i cant find any reliable lessons for it. also, keep up the good work marty. i like the solo project that your doing now.

  13. Great stuff Marty as always. More Beatles and Tom Petty please…or Pearl Jam

  14. another easy to understand lesson. thanks

  15. Please do a lesson on cult of personality by Living in Color

  16. Jaziel Arredondo

    Kaleo , any song , keep up the fantastic work as always.

  17. Can u play My Friends by RHCP

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