Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play a blues guitar riff for acoustic guitar. You can find more free acoustic guitar lessons at

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  1. Sounds good

  2. Thank you.

  3. Nicely done! I have been playing it and enjoying it. Now I'm wondering what to play after it. any suggestions?


  4. How do you connect this to the song?

  5. This help me thanks :)

  6. thnx 😉 Sounds really cool

  7. I was wondering, what kind of strings do you use? size/metal/brand ?

  8. Great lick, great video…….Out of all the people giving free lessons on licks and playing the guitar I must say that you do it the best. Love the split camera and how you take the time to show finger placement. I always check other people out but keep coming back to  your video's and the ease at which you teach it. There are too many people trying to teach this stuff and had one too many cups of coffee! Thanks again for some great video's. 

  9. Actually a good lesson

  10. thank you

  11. Great lesson, very simple and straight forward. 

  12. could you also make tabs with string and fret number? i dont know how to read notes

  13. Blues Guitar Lessons - Jim Bruce

    Great stuff and it's free! Doesn't get better than good and free

  14. I don't know fellows….I have two of them….there very nice….I started  playing in 1969…. that includes Gibson and martins…taylors…..lots of others ….I did a review for them….I aint a fake person…..frets look good to me …..there not filed down….there more comfortable than any other I ever played…..sold my Gibson and bought one of the OMs…..the Gibson was expensive….I like the zager better……..however nothing wrong with supporting Gibson and our other American makers….but in my opinion …the stuff your spouting about zager is crap….its a dam nice guitar….truth hurts

  15. nice

  16. Hey thanks for the lesson.   Does anyone teach Merle Travis stuff ?   I know a little or as the punch line…me know how…me want chance. 

  17. This is really cool and helpfull….

  18. Great lesson thank you!

  19. Thanks jody that's really good to play. Always look out for your posts

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