Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson : Jim Bruce Blues Guitar Lessons 75% Off Today!

Jim Bruce presents blues guitar lessons across all styles and major artists. Ragtime blues, Delta, Chicago Swing, Bottleneck, Piedmont – from Texas To The Delta.

Fingerstyle acoustic blues guitar is perhaps the ultimate style and challenge for any guitarist. In it’s basic form, it’s deceptively simple structure can lull you into thinking that it’s easy to do. Blues is a feeling, and technique without the emotion behind it is worthless, both for the blues man and his listeners.

The styles presented in Jim Bruce’s guitar classes include those perfected by such legends as:

Blind Blake
Blind Boy Fuller
Reverend Gary Davis
Big Bill Broonzy
Mississippi John Hurt
Pink Anderson
Scrapper Blackwell
Brownie McGhee

and more, as they say.



  1. I've nailed the whistle, but it is the turnaround that pulled me in…I'm really hoping to pick this style up between working shifts and it's like a jigsaw of sound that takes remembering and organising into progressions and deaccessions…tiring, any tips with your logic?

  2. S E B F R E S H N c K f

    MR. Bruce you are such a good Guitar teacher I love your paciant way of teaching, it makes me so happy that you share you're knowledge with us.

  3. Hope musicians like you could live forever.

  4. Nice lesson. Thanks!

  5. Excellent! You play like a true seasoned veteran think I'll need some more of your lessons before I reach that level!

  6. Amazing lesson so easy to learn a long to thank you for doing these awesome video! <3

  7. Another good one!

  8. a gem of a lesson…thanks for your time and love for the blues!

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