Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson "Land of A7" – Rhythm Guitar Techniques

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Hey guys, Marty here again from “MartyMusic”! Here’s the Land of A7 for you to add to your rhythm chops! Thanks for supporting me by supporting “MartyMusic”!


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  1. Thanks guys for supporting me with "MartyMusic"! Free Multi-Hour guitar course when you sign my newsletter at!

  2. I was listening to white stripes ball and a biscuit and reminded me of this land of a7 lesson I saw u do a while back. Finally came back and learned it . Really cool stuff. Thank you

  3. is this open G tuning?

  4. Marty, I have two theories why this works can you give me a hint if either is on the right path? My first guess is that the notes are inversions of not simply the A7 but also the A7, E7 or B7. My second guess is that is has to do with complementary notes which is a new concept to me and seems pretty complicated.

  5. I have been wracking my brain to try and figure out the selection of chord forms used in the Land of A7. The closest that I have gotten is the notes are selected from the A mixolydian. You move alon the B string selecting notes from the A mixolydian scale and then choose the third or flatted third to be played on the D string based on which one is in the A mixolydian scale. Is there an easier way to look at this?

  6. Hey Marty, thanks for all the great lessons. Is there a land of b7 as well?

  7. Sunny days wishing the clouds away…

  8. Marty, I just did your land of A7 lesson at and wanted to tell you it reminded me of a really great video I stumbled on when I found Heartworn Highways on Amazon. I'm sure you know Larry Jon Wilson. I'm pretty sure he's doing something similar here: I love the "groove!"

  9. Thanks Marty. only just learned about 'land of a7'. Just registered my e-mail so downloaded the e-book and videos. really looking forward to making some great sounds soon on my guitar.

  10. Just to thank you. I'm an old guy, I played as a kid, just picked it up again, you make interesting and fun. I was in Ca for years, was a singer, still am, now trying to play as well. Also we may have knowledge of some same people. Wayne Johnson of Taylor guitar fame is a good friend of mine, and Steve Orr. Both guys in your area. Thanks again for the help.

  11. Is there any equivalent shape pattern of double stops up the neck for other chords? or does the whole thing just get moved up or down the neck? (without the open strings of course)

  12. Are you in the key of D and are simply going up the scale starting on the 5?

  13. Marty , Ty for helping me put some flavour on mary janes last dance. Its awesome to watch your videos and learn while being entertained.

  14. This actually helped me figure out a song I've never been able to play correctly – "Swamp Music" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I knew it was a 1-4-5 in E, and somehow I had stumbled upon E7 as a kid (though didn't know what it was) and had learned the opening riff, but could never figure out how the riff went in A. Now I can see/hear it. Thank you!

  15. This could be a great series. I just listened and commented on 'land of e7' If this theory applies to all chords and could include major and minor chords, your followers would be able to understand how the guitar works so much more. Knowing options is key to learning the different ways a song can be put together, which expands creativity. Please keep up the good work.

  16. marty your a killer

  17. I actually made the guitar sound decent with the land of E and land of A 🙂 Great stuff!

  18. Hey Marty I just wanna say your teaching style has improved a lot even since this video. I dig them a lot. What a glorious day where you uploaded this and the E7 on on the same day

  19. Whats that song at the end of the video?

  20. planchaproducciones

    That was awesome.

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