Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson – Solo Composition With a Pick – EP211

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson - Solo Composition With a Pick - EP211

In this acoustic blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a solo composition that doesn’t require any accompaniment. Also, I know how intimidating playing fingerstyle can be for some of you, so this is something you can do with a pick.

If you’d like to view the second half (Part 2 video) as well as the tablature for this lesson, visit:
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  1. Guitarisforgrins

    Isn't this pattern 2 of the major pentatonic? 4:06

  2. TheGuitar Person

    Awesome sounding composition Brian. It sounds a bit more pop-like, but that's not a bad thing at all.

    Personally, I wouldn't say no to some more fingerstyle compositions, particularly those Chet-style and Travis-style lessons. You teach them so well that I didn't really have any problem following and playing along, even though I myself play mostly with a pick.

  3. Reminds me of "Lying in the sunshine" by free

  4. Matt YouKnowWho

    Love your lessons Man! I've learned so much from you. Keep it up

  5. hi Brian sounds like you are playing some sort of country blues guitar melody ?

  6. Excellent! Went to your site and learned it already. This was so much fun to learn. Now its a matter of playing it ALOT. LOL! Thanks

  7. great stuff, I love your rythm and lead solo stuff. lovely martin by the way… any lightnin style lessons?

  8. Good stuff,thanks!

  9. Like the major blues sound. Don't hear it too much – or I'm not aware of it. I've been practicing your bluegrass style lessons. The response sounds like some of the bluegrass base runs. On to Part 2. Thanks Brian.

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