Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing

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In this lesson we teach an acoustic blues lesson on how to spice up some blues progressions and help get you moving around the guitar neck. This also works with electric guitars!



  2. fantastic lesson

  3. This shit is stolen from Marty Music

  4. Another great lesson you make it look so easy,it’s not so off to practice (patience).

  5. oh nooo


    Hopefully he threw the hat in the fire. But man…..hes helped me!

  7. KiloCharlieOne

    I'm assuming 985 people didn't like his hat, or the background.

  8. e sempre bello sentire il tuo PEZZO BRAWOOOOOOO GRAZIEE SALUTISSIMI

  9. on that serious high look…. i like seeing someone who likes to laugh and show humor. thumb up

  10. very good ,you are easy to follow and great fun to play along with Cead Mile Failte

  11. Marty,

    I really love your lessons.. Your a great teacher and player. Thanks for all that you do.

  12. Well you did teach 9,3 millions by now…

  13. For some reason when im doing 12 bar, I have trouble muting the strings because with 12 bar like this, there is always a string hit that is open. So Should I mute with my palm. Ive tried and its touch to maintain the beat. Does anyone know what I mean?

  14. Lol. Indonesian pan flute? That was an awesome lesson.

  15. Marty Brillient ! I have a Man crush !

  16. Thx Marty I can't believe I can do this riff on my acoustic – you are the best teacher!!!

  17. awesome lesson Marty, thanks

  18. Faizan Maqsood

    Congratulations Marty for 9 million viows

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